Genetics Smores

Brianna & Thalia

Study Of Genetics

Branches of Biology that studies heredity.

Who Made The Discovery Of Genetics? And How?

Gregor Mendel also known as "The Father Of Genetics" discovered Genetics. He was a monk who lived in Austria. He Studied Pea Plants for his gentic trait discoveries.

Comparing & Contrasting.

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Incomplete Dominance

Phenotype of heterozygous individuals is intermediate betweeb those of 2 homozygotes.
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Phenotypes of both homozygotes produced in heterozygous individual ( both alleles expressed Equally)
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Multiple Alleles

An inheritance pattern in which traits are controlled by more than 2 alleles.

Sex-Linked Traits

Characteristics determined by genes on sex chromosomes.They can be on the X and Y chromosome and are most common on X-Chromosomes
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