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What's your ONE WORD for 2017?

Each year I choose a "one word story" big enough to live into that holds intentional space for the year ahead. This past year is was WISDOM. I'm still formulating the upcoming word. It may be SOULFUL, COMMIT, or SERVE... not sure yet. I'll make my choice on New Year's Eve after I've gone to hot yoga at 5pm and after my sweetheart Greg and I read our letters from last year to one another. We have a tradition of writing letters to our future selves and to each other. It keeps us accountable. What's your one word for 2017?

Give the Gift of Hope

Each of us know at least one person who can use the gift of perspective to see their situation differently, someone who needs a boost of hope. We can all use that and today you have the chance to give hope.

In 2017, I commit to give coaching
to someone who needs a nudge, free of charge, each month. I may choose to give this away to a non-profit, youth, a person looking for work or an under-served group or person. Today- you have the chance to make magic by supporting my contributions to our community. Become an Angel Investor this holiday season. In lieu of giving "stuff" this year, choose to sponsor a person, program or community outreach initiative.

An Angel Investor sustains the healthy and prosperous growth of the underdeveloped and underserved who desire to become leaders of positive social change in our community. Contributions directly support recipients by funding me to provide free-of-charge community initiatives and/or coaching, consulting and enriching opportunities that help people grow, heal and succeed in their lives and contribute to our community in meaningful ways.

The term "angel" originally comes from Broadway theater (Annelies' former career of 17+ years), where it was used to describe individuals who provided money for theatrical productions that would otherwise have had to shut down. One of her dreams has been to create a micro-funding program to help people and communities leverage and transform their life experience and suffering into success stories, learning to lead independent and confident lives and to contribute in a socially conscious manner.

I believe today’s world demands self-actualized people who are compassionate, inclusive and spectacular creative problem-solvers. If you want a positive world we can all enjoy, start small. Help foster sustainable growth and new possibility. CONTRIBUTE NOW

Angels and recipients are anonymous, unless the request is made to be named. Thank you for considering a contribution today! Here's the link to the ANGEL INVESTOR description to learn more.

(FYI- Contributions may not be tax-deductible as Conduit for Change is an LLC.)


'Tis the season to face your grinch and design a brighter future! Give the gift of coaching! Here's 3 sweet holiday discount coaching packages to get you started. I'm sure you'd agree, we could all use some magic right about now!

Hot Toddy: Three 30 minute sessions, via phone only :: $285
Mighty Elf: Three 60 minute session, in-person or phone :: $570
Log Cabin: Four 60 minute sessions, in-person or phone :: $760
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VIEW schedule of seminars & retreats for what's up next.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, happy holiday season and brilliant new year! I am grateful for YOU. Thank you for continuing to be extraordinary!!

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