Intec Newsletter

June 2013

Summer Edition!

Summer Technology Opportunities

There are some great learning opportunities coming up for SC educators.

Students at Leaphart Elementary School Are Stars on a Math Parody Video

Last month, you read about how Mrs. Norris and her 5th grade math students Jay and Edward, wrote a math song called "It's Volume and I Know It". Now the music video is ready to view! InTec Specialist, Andrea Rollison recorded the students singing and dancing while the high school students from Irmo High editing the clips to create the masterpiece below. Check it out!
It's Volume and I Know It

Oak Pointe Teachers Make Memories with Photo Story 3

While many teachers at Oak Pointe use Photo Story to create lovely digital photo collages for their students, Ms. Amy Collins worked with her students to help them become digital storytellers by making their own Photo Story projects. She collected pictures from throughout the year and let the kids pick their own favorites, crop them, add personal commentary and their own musical selections! These personalized scrapbooks with music and pictures and commentary will help save their special memories for many years to come.

Ballentine Teacher blogs her students' book trailers!

Kendall Donald writes a blog to keep parents informed and share student projects. The class's most recent postings exhibit their Book Trailers! Students used iPads, computers, and several apps and Web 2.0 tools- and their imaginations to make some amazing book trailers. Blogger is a great tool to easily upload your videos and pictures. Check out the creative book trailers these kids created!
THe Hobbit

H.E. Corley Webmaster Rocks the Webpage with Technology!

Ms. Suzanne Wilson is the H.E. Corley webmaster. Every several weeks during the course of this past school year, she has promoted various school events and celebrations on the H.E. Corley homepage via Smilebox. Ms. Wilson says, "Using Smilebox and other tools on the HEC’s homepage gives parents the opportunity to virtually see what is happening at their child’s school. It’s also an exciting way to keep parents and the community informed!"

Check out a student council school fundraiser Smilebox that was featured on the webpage!

This is a farewell Smilebox to teachers and staff leaving H.E. Corley for new adventures!

LMES 3rd Grade Students Present Their Animal Reports with PicCollage

Mrs. Kyzer's 3rd grade students made posters to visually represent the facts and information they learned about the animals and their adaptations they learned about as part of their science standards. The students loved how easy and fun it was to add pictures and information to PicCollage by just tapping the iPad screen. Don't you just love how beautiful and informational their posters are?

Seven Oaks 4th Grade Teacher Sarah Poole Integrates Technology into Science Curriculum!

Miss Sarah Poole chose a very creative way to teach the science standard B-2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the structure and function of cells and their organelles. She took digital pictures of each student in the class. The student opened up their digital picture in paint, and used paint tools to draw and then identify organs. Miss Poole says, "It was a great way for the students to visualize the location of the organs on their body!"

NRES 2nd Graders Use

Graphic organizers make information so easy to understand and makes it so much fun to create a graphic organizer. Mr. Schiesser's 2nd grade students took their research and created Popplet organizers to share what they had learned. allowed them to add facts, images, and to connect their information in relevant ways.

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