Career Research

Brittany Sterling


Social Science Careers

Job Duties

*Counsel Patients

*Prescribe Therapeutic Medications

*Analyze Patient Data

*Collaborate with Other Professionals to Discuss Treatment Plans

* Design Care Options or Plans

Work Environment

*Can be a Hospital or Medical Office

* Few Work in Mental Facilities Due to Risk of Physical Harm

*Often Work in the Same Facilities with others of the Same Career Cluster or Type

Work Schedule

* Usually 9 to 5 hours

* Some Work All Hours for Extreme Patients

*Typically 30-50 Hours a Week

Salary of a Psychiatrist

* $83.73 per hr. (Approximately)

*$174,170 per yr. (Approximately)

Education and Training Required

*High School Diploma or GED

*Doctoral Degree

Persnality Characteristics Needed






*Go to a School or Program Where Hands-on Training is Available

*Research the Best Colleges for You and the Career

Three Postive and Three Negative Aspects


*Helping People

*Meeting New People

*Making People Happier


*Listen to People Complain All Day

*People with Anger Issues

*People Crying