Angel's Announce

August 17, 2018

First week!

What a great first week. It has been wonderful seeing all the smiling students and parents returning to the school. The school feels alive! If you have not seen the video of the first day, you can click on it below.

Twice is nice

Twice is nice sale Monday, August 20th, 3-4pm

Sports Update

Mr. Montoya, the athletic director, has been working very hard to set up the sports program this year so that our students have the best options available that both honors athletics, but also academics. We will be playing as many sports as possible in Santa Fe. This allows the students to compete and still maintain high academic standards that we all want. By playing in Santa Fe it also allows families to more easily attend games to support their students.

Current season plans are:

Volleyball-Season has been moved to the spring so that we can have more teams. There will be teams of; 8-under, 9-10, 11-12.

Girls Basketball-Oct/Nov 2018

Boys Basketball-Jan/Mar 2019

Wrestling Co-Ed-Feb 19-Apr 7, 2019

Swimming-Mar 15-Apr 20

Flag Football-Spring 2019 (teams for 4-6yrs, 9-10yrs, 11-12 yrs)

Cheerleading- September

Drill/Spirit-Sept-April 28 (Competitions Feb 2-3, April 26-28)


We are also looking into a soccer program and possibly a golf team.

Details, including fees, are still being finalized and will be announced as soon as it has been completed. If you are interested in coaching or sponsoring a team, please email Mr. Montoya at

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The next PTO meeting is September 11th at 6pm. Please come and assist this fantastic and generous group!

Baseball with the Bishop!

If you would like a chance to go see the Isotopes with the Bishop, tickets can be bought at the front desk or see Mr. Steffens.

The game is for the 2019 season.

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August Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Faculty Spotlight!

Weekend Prayer

Heavenly Father, today we begin the weekend, we humbly come before you and ask:

May we savor the beauty of your creation all around us. May the sunshine, green trees and the breeze of the evening fill my heart with wonder at all you have made.

May we enjoy the fellowship of the friends around us. May we enjoy the fruit of deep human connections and receive emotional blessing from those around us.

May we rest our bodies, mind and spirit from a long week school. May we honor your command to Sabbath, honor the limits of our body, and simply rest.

May we laugh with those around us, finding joy in the big and small things of life. May laughter fill our soul.

May we cherish the wonderful family given to us. May we never take for granted the precious souls you’ve allowed in my life.

May we open our eyes to the needs and hurts around us. Help us take my focus off of ourselves long enough to see a world in need.

May we be bold to share the hope that we have in You. May we not be ashamed of our love for you, a love that we want to share with the world.

May we worship fully and freely with fellow believers at church on Sunday. May our worship be pleasing in your sight.

May our heart be open to what you would speak to us through your Word. May your Holy Spirit speak directly to our souls.

May we glorify your Name through our lives and deeds. May our actions bring honor to your Mighty Name.