Earthquake Hits Wisconsin

By: The Great and Awsome Nicole

Earthquake Hits Near Wisconsin Illinois Border

As in the title, an Earthquake hit near the Illinois border, a 2.4 magnitude earthquake was felt near Kenosha late a Monday night. There wasn't a report of any damage. On the UW's instruments, it did not show that there was one coming. There wasn't a boundary around Wisconsin, so that means that earthquakes don't just happen on boundary lines. The earthquake struck at 9:54 p.m. Also the earthquake was 6.2 miles deep with an epicenter near McHenery, III. Sverdurp, who's one of the scientists, does have one theory for why this earthquake struck in the area of Illinois. He calls it glacial rebounding, and it's a result of the melting of massive ice sheets more than 10,000 years ago. That melting allows the land to move slightly.

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"So think of everything we live on slowly rising by about the width of a human finger nail every year," said Sverdrup. "Believe it or not that can create a lot of stress in the rock, and eventually that stress can be relieved in the form of an earthquake." Most of the Facebook fans, said that they did not feel the earth move. It was supposidly on Monday night.