Recognition and Remediation in Dealing with Stress

Types of stressors

There are two types of stressors:
Physiological - inability to cope with physical stimuli (internal or external) which disrupts homeostasis with in the body;
Internal - genetics
External - nutrition, environment
Psycho-social - stems from the interaction with other people and has a profound affect.
Examples: divorces, death of a loved one, natural disaster
Stressors can comefrom different aspects of a person's life: family, work, finances, school, etc.

Signs and Symptons of Stress

Some common symptoms would be headaches, sweating, rapid pulse, elevated blood pressure, confusion, irritability, and a weakened immune systems
Some serious symptoms requiring medical assistance would be hives, social withdrawal, alcohol or drug abuse, or chest pains with rapid respiration and pulse.

Benefits and Consequenses of Stress

Stress can be beneficial in motivating a person to reach their potentials goals, promote health, and prevent illnesses. On the other hand stress can cause great harm to a person health, withdrawal from society, and major illness if not treated especially when a person is all ready ill.

Defense Mechanisms

A person will use different defense mechanisms in response to stress. A person uses these to protect their self-esteem, cope with with anxiety, however the person can use them to an extreme which causes them to become maladaptive. Examples of defense mechanism is the compensation, denial, rationalization, regression, repression, and displacement.

Stress Management Techniques

There is array of techniques a person can use to manage stress. Techniques are individualized and the goal is to find some that will calm and relax the brain and body. The person may need to try several techniques to find the ones that work the best. Some techniques a person may try is relaxation through a massage, meditation, anticipatory guidance, guided imagery, or biofeedback.
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