Viola's Analysis

by Carrie Kirklin

Viola's Identity (twelfth night)

Viola is very sensitive. Even if a little rudeness was said her feelings would be hurt. Viola is someone who has feelings and thinks that everyone has feelings rather you know it or not. "Good beauties, let me sustain no scorn. I am very compatible, even to the least sinister usage" (I. V. 158-159).

Viola's Gender (twelfth night)

Viola pretends to be a guy and changes her name to Cesario because she wants to work for Duke Orsino so she can get to know him better. She has to act like a guy and do what Duke tells her without revealing her identity. Viola was forced to talk to Olivia and try to get her and Orsino together because Orsino is in love with Olivia. She than starts to gain feelings for him after getting to him herself while Olivia is gaining feelings for Cesario as she talks to him and getting to know him."The form of my intent. I'll serve this duke. Thou shall present me as an eunuch to him" (I. II. 51-52).

Viola's Perception (twelfth night)

Some view viola as just a messenger, their lover, and a coward. Its different from how she sees herself because she is describing herself as her brother Sebastian. "Above my fortunes, yet my state is well. I am a gentleman" (I. V. 253-254).

Comparing Myself to Viola

Me and Viola (Cesario) both are smart and intelligent. Me and Viola is intelligent because we both have common sense.

Viola's Identity (she's the man)

In She's the Man, Viola sees herself as a girl who can do just as much as guys could do like playing sports. She's like a tomboy but her mom wants her to be a girly girl. Viola's response was that soccer was what she wanted to do.

Viola's Gender (she's the man)

In She's the Man, Viola wanted to play soccer with the boys but they wouldn't let her because she is a girl and they think that girls can't do what boys can. Her response was to basically prove them wrong. So she starts by pretending to be her brother Sebastian and entering the college that Sebastian was going to so she can play soccer.
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Viola's Preception (she's the man)

In She's the Man, they see viola as a good soccer player who is also a ladies man. They also think that she is a good soccer player. The guys on the team learned from viola that you shouldn't care about what other people think of you about who you're dating and/or it shouldn't matter if girls can play a sport with the guys or not.
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Comparing Myself to Viola

I think that me and Viola has something in common with being a tomboy. We love sports and we'll dress up when necessary or every now and then. The only difference is that I love sports but not to the point where I want to play them. I like being in Marching Band, to me that's my sport.