The Rise of Ancient Greece

Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts with Drew G.

The Athenian Leader, Pericles

Pericles was apart of a aristocrat family but still supported democracy. Around 460 B.C., Pericles was the leader of a democratic group. He introduced reforms that strengthened democracy. The most important change was to have the city pay a salary to its officials. This meant that poor citizens could afford to hold public offices. Pericles accomplishments over time made these years Athens best years, otherwise known as The Golden Ages.

The Almighty Gods of Greece

Greek Gods and their influence on others

The gods had human forms, and they also had human characteristics. However Gods were immortal, which means they lived forever. These gods also had awesome power. The Greeks honored their gods by having each city-state honor one of the twelve gods, in part by building a temple for that god. Zeus however, was the king of the gods. Zeus not only controlled the gods, but also controlled humanity. Zeus may be known best by little kids as the guy who through lightning bolts at things, but kids, there is plenty more to Zeus than just lightning bolts.

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Visual and Dramatic Arts

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The Parthenon

The Parthenon brought Greek to its highest point. This was the builders most magnificent work. The Parthenon was made of fine marble. There were plenty more great designs to the Parthenon, but the people thought of the Parthenon as the next great thing that would keep them in the Golden Age longer, which it did. The Parthenon played a major significance in the hearts of the Greeks.

An Every day thing

Greeks used visual and dramatic arts every day of their lives. Every day the Greeks were trying to build something to keep the great Golden Age going. Everyday they used comedy to their advantage by having a comedy almost every day. They used all of these arts to create the Golden Age for the Greeks and they used these arts to become successful in life for whatever they did. Point is, these arts made the Greeks an accomplished group of people

What I liked most about the history of Greece

What I liked most about the history of Greece was how cool and old fashioned things were back then. I know today we have all these electronics and gadgets and stuff, but they had none of that back then. It felt good to see that I shouldn't really be asking for more when I should be asking for less. Life wasn't easy for them, and that's not fair. This lesson taught me a true life lesson.