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Part 1

Type of Motion: Acceleration because it speeds down the tube.

Type of Force: Gravity because that's how it pushes down through the tube.

Type of Energy: Potential because it has a starting height and kinetic because it has a velocity going down through the tube.

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Part 2

Type of Motion: Acceleration because marble is rolling down a ramp picking up speed.

Types of Forces: Friction because of the heat and gravity because the marble is being pulled to the ramp.

Types of Energy: Thermal because of the heat from friction, potential because the marble has a height, and kinetic because the marble has movement.

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Part 3

Type of Motion: Constant Velocity because its going at the same speed

Type of Forces:Normal and Gravity because those two are pulling down the ball

Types of Energy: No type of energy

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The Batman !

The Batman is the new coolest roller-coaster that Six Flags Great America needs. It's starting speed is really fast and zooms through two loops. Also, Bruce Wayne says this is the best Batman ride around. The ride has lots of twists and turns with extraordinary sights from the top of the roller coaster. The end gives a little surprise too as you think it is going to end at the first loop then right at the end there is another loop and finishes with a drop. This is a thrilling roller-coaster everyone needs to ride.