#WCchat 2/18/16

Celebrating Writing Center Work

Join us in our bi-weekly chat about writing center pedagogy and practice!

We're bringing back #wcchat in honor of International Writing Centers Week!

Writing centers are diverse and unique, so during International Writing Centers Week, it's important that we celebrate the things that make us powerful sources of student service. Join us to talk about what makes your writing center great, along with the wonderful elements of student services that you provide to your campus!


Thursday, Feb. 18th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

Chat norms:

  • Follow the moderator (Kyle Boswell is moderating this week: @boskm).
  • Questions are tweeted out with "Q" and question number.
  • Respond with "A" and corresponding question number at the front of your tweet.
  • Don't forget the hashtag! #miched
  • Use an app that allows you to follow more than one stream. Set a column for #wcchat
  • Favorite tools include Tweetdeck and HootSuite
  • Follow those you connected with and/or learned from to grow your PLN.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Focus on quality responses and questions that generate discussions that focus on our writing center practices.
  • Share ideas, events, and projects that promote and support our centers.


  • Q1: Many people get involved in writing centers for different reasons. What brought you to your writing center?

  • Q2: How does writing center work bring out your passion?

  • Q3: How is your writing center unique?

  • Q4: What are the best parts of a session with clients? What techniques/tricks do you use to help make clients feel more comfortable with the process?

  • Q5: How has your writing center had an impact on campus culture?

  • Q6: How has writing center work impacted you?

  • Q7: Many writing centers support their campuses in many ways-- how is your writing center a positive force in the community?

  • Q8: What ongoing or future projects can you share with the group?