Japanese 2 Starts Today!

Complete your orientation activities

Welcome to Day 1 of Japanese 2!


Welcome to your first day of Japanese 2! I have talked with some of you during our welcome calls over the past few days. Please click the link below to sign up for a welcome call with me if you have not already had one.

Remember to provide a phone # where I can reach you when you schedule your call.

Please be sure you choose a time when a parent/guardian can be on the call too!

Schedule Your Welcome Call - Click Here

If you have not had your welcome call and have not yet scheduled it - please click the link above to schedule it now! Please schedule the call for some time this week when a parent/guardian can be there too!

Important: Verify Your Email Address!

Did you verify your email address in Blackboard yet? Please watch the video below if you need help with this.

What's Due Today?

We're jumping right into it today on our first day!

If you have not signed up for language coaching yet, click on the My Coach link in your left hand navigational toolbar to sign up now!

Today you will need to submit:

  • How Do You Learn inventory checklist
  • Assignment 1.1: Getting Acquainted

To get to these items in Blackboard, click on Course Modules > Module 1 > Lesson 1

Be sure these tasks are all complete before the end of the day today to stay on pace with the course!

Blackboard Refresher

Has it been a while since you've used Blackboard? Do you need a refresher? If so, please take some time today to review the Orientation section of the course. This explains how to navigate your course, access your study material and complete and submit your assignments for grades. All really important stuff!! A lot of this is review from Japanese 1 but if you feel you need a refresher please review this today.

You can access this by clicking the Orientation link on your left hand menu bar as shown below:

Big image

What's Due This Week?

The assignments listed below should be completed by the end of each day:


  • Sign up for Language Coaching (if not already done)
  • Read Welcome announcement and complete your Student Information Survey and Course Contract (if not already done)
  • Download and install Blackboard IM
  • Verify your e-mail address in Blackboard
  • Module 1, Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted
  • How Do You Learn inventory


  • Assignment 1.6 Writing
  • Assignment 1.3 Speaking - Step 1
  • Assignment 1.2 Vocabulary


  • Assignment 1.4 Culture Discussion
  • Assignment 1.3 Speaking - Steps 2 and 3


  • Academic Integrity Quiz
  • Lesson 1 Grammar Quiz
  • Lesson 1 Vocabulary Quiz

Always check the Due Date Calendar daily to make sure you know what assignments are due and coming up. I strongly recommending printing a copy of each month of our course and posting it somewhere you'll see it every day! Click the button below.

Japanese 2 Due Date Calendar

Click the button above to access the due date calendar. This lists all assignments and what you should be working on each week in the course. *You should print out a copy of this today if you have not done so already.*

Lesson 1 Writing Assignment

You may want to try to get a head start on this week's writing assignment as there are a few things that will need to be submitted tomorrow. Go to Module 1 > Lesson 1 > Assignment 1.6: Writing to download and print your writing assignment worksheets to get a head start!

Welcome Calls

Kudos and congrats to all students below who have already had their welcome call with me:

Hannah G. James S., Sasha K., Daniel J., Simona A., Reese T.

ありがとうございます (arigatou gozaimasu - thank you!)

Haven't had your welcome call yet? Be sure to schedule it with me if you have not done so already.

All welcome calls should be complete by the end of this week at the latest! Please plan accordingly!

Remember to Log In Every Day and Read Your Announcements!

Please read the announcement below this one if you have not done so already!

Contact Boutin Sensei

Tuesday Office Hours: 10:00AM - noon

Contact me if you need help with anything!

I can be reached through any of the contacts below. During the school week I respond to all messages within 24 hours, often much sooner.