Specials Edition

Week of December 12


This week in music we are having fun with some different holiday and winter activities.

Kindergarten is identifying high and low sounds, and are creating movements to their songs from Carnival of the Animals

1st grade is singing songs and identifying two-pitch melodies

2nd grade is practicing songs for our Winter Concert

3rd grade is learning about The Nutcracker

4th grade is learning the basics about playing the recorder.

5th grade is identifying a new pitch and learning about The Nutcracker

Our combined 2nd Grade, Treble Makers, and Prestwick Chorale Performance will be on December 13th at 5:30!


The Holiday card contest submission date is officially closed.

We had over 200 submissions this year for the holiday card contest, and Thanks to our judges Mrs. Bliss and Mrs. Nicholson we have our top finalists. Be on the lookout for more information on our holiday card winners.

Our next contests:

  • TAEA-Texas Elementary Art Meet


  1. All entries will receive a certificate and either a ribbon or a medal.
  2. Participation ribbons or medals will be awarded according to rating.
  3. Certificates will be printed by the participating teacher.
  4. All works receiving an exemplary rating will receive a medal.
  5. All other entries will receive participation ribbons.
  6. Top 10% of works will receive Top of Team certificate and possibly have work placed on the TAEA website.
  7. Letters of congratulations will go to the principals.

We will begin to work on the Youth Art Month flag for anyone who is interested in participating.

Mrs. Printis (Watson)


This week in Guidance, we focused on learning skills about Teamwork/Cooperation. The students enjoyed discussions, and videos/books about teamwork and cooperation. The students are enjoying learning these soft skills that will impact them for life. Our new SALT Team started this week, and will be running until January 13. SALT is the 4th and 5th Grade Student Assistance Leadership Team chosen by teachers for Safety Patrol and other duties. These student leaders enjoy a donut party celebration after their rotation is complete. Hope you have had a great weekend!

Your Proud Prestwick Counselor,

Mrs. Burrell


This week in library we have continued to read Christmas books, including “The Legend of the Poinsettia” by Tommie DePaolo. Mrs. Bliss also showed us our new “searching station” at her desk! We practiced searching for books by the title, author, and topic. Thank you to our tech department for getting two monitors up and working with access to Destiny Discover, our online library catalog. Next week will be another fun Christmas STEM activity!