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The Lost Colony!

The first settlers brave enough to colonize the New World in the name of the King landed in 1587. Upon their arrival, they found life to be very difficult, especially after a harsh winter. As they ran out of supplies, a small group returned home to the Motherland, leaving some of the colonists at the colony in Roanoke. Although the trip was only supposed to take a matter of months, the trip was delayed three years because of war with Spain. When they finally returned to Roanoke Colony, they found it completely deserted. The only evidence as to where they might have gone was the name of an island carved into a gatepost, "Croatoan", so it was hoped that the colonists relocated. To this day, we still do not know what happened to the Roanoke colonists.
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Looking for Gold? Glory?

April 1607

Do you have the determination to follow your destiny? The Virginia Company is calling on you! Come to the new world and discover your fortune of gold! We have settled in the new World, the land of plenty!

Letter to the Editor

Dear Colonial Times,
Life in Jamestown is not what I thought it would be. The weather is not what I was expecting; freezing winters and the summer heat is unbearable, even though nothing is worse than the bugs! Our attempts to grow our food has brought weak outcomes, although there is talk of a new crop called tobacco. We often survive on fish and wild game found in the woods, although the Natives hate when we enter their territory. I thought I would spend a couple of days hunting for gold in the river before I struck it rich, but days stretched into weeks, especially since I spend a good amount of time laboring around the fort chopping wood and building fences. I write this letter to ask for help so we can truly begin to turn this colony into a more permanent home. We wish to begin families, so I am calling all of the brave women of the Motherland who seek excitement to travel across the ocean to start a New World!

Lonely Colonist

Religious Sanctuary

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As a conflicted member of English society, I am at a crossroads. The recent separation of my motherland from my religious leaders has forced me to reconsider my place on the English Isle. There is talk of a colony in the New World where real people of faith can come together to live the pure life. These Separatists left Europe on the Mayflower to escape the persecution they were facing. The Mayflower Compact they created spoke of the true understanding these pilgrims had on the intention of the colony. They have even created friendly relationships with the Natives in the region, which has allowed them to prosper with knowledge of how to utilize the resources of the land. Their success has caused me to consider my own pilgrimage to the colony to begin my new life. I strongly urge any other religious brothers to contact me to plan our journey!