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Snowboarding is a winter sport that involves riding a board down a snow covered sloped hill. In the Olympics the airtime and cool tricks are what makes the crowds go wild. This sport includes the half-pipe, slope-style, snowboard cross, Parallel slalom, Parallel giant-slalom.

Prepare for The Slopes

In order for someone to be a great snowboarder they must practice and exercise. So there are many exercises such as Upper body toning, lower body toning, cardio workouts, and there are also joint exercises.
EZIA Snowboard Training with Jussi Oksanen

Trevor Jacob

Trevor Jacob is a multi-talented snowboarder. He is a very popular person on the show "Nitro Circus". He has been invited to do many events but usually when he's not doing big events he is filming on the show. Jacob learned how to snow board when he was a child after begging his parents to teach him and his brother. At first they refused to teach him but he crashed into a pole on the skis. He is now in Half pipe section in the Olympics.

Canyons snowboard cross

In this Video you will witness Trevor Jacob Winning the Canyons Snowboard Cross.
Trevor Jacob Wins Canyons SBX - USSA Network

The best snowboarding tricks of 2012

The Best Pro Snowboarding Tricks of 2012


Here you'll see different takes on freestyle snowboarding
Snowboarding Freestyle Best Tricks Compilation February 2013