Midterm Reflection

Elizabeth Hunter • EDU 222 • Dr. Dusty Reed

New Skills

1. Print Screen- I had experience before with taking screen clippings, but I had no idea that you could take a screenshot of the entire screen on a computer! A simple click of a button and you can share what's on your screen with anyone.

2. Smart Notebook- Within the Smart Notebook software, I learned several different things, including how to use the gallery, display options, screen shade, and measurement tools. I am able to navigate this program much more effectively.

3. Prezi- I have had limited interaction with Prezi in the past and, quite frankly, was very put off by the program. Through this class, I have learned how to create attractive and intriguing presentations and know more than just the basics. I have already put this into use!

4. Spreadsheets- It has been awhile since I have created something using Excel. I learned how to develop resources for the classroom (e.g. gradebook, worksheets, charts) that can be used for more than just teacher benefit and are actually visually appealing.

5. Teacher Website- While I have experience creating websites, I learned what should be included in a teacher website and how to make it an effective resource for the class. Without this, I could envision creating my website being difficult and frustrating!

Technology Top 5!

1. Interactive Whiteboard- In today's classroom, this has almost become essential. A teacher can use this to create interactive lessons and save work, rather than just erasing the whiteboard when class is done. A student can use this to present work or interact with what they are learning. It enhances learning by taking it a step past the traditional pencil-paper-textbook approach.

2. Document Camera- Again, this has almost become essential. In fact, it has come to replace the overhead projector. Both students and teachers can use it to make small, detailed work bigger. This could be a worksheet, book, diagram, diorama, or some other manipulative. It makes objects much larger so that the whole class can easily see.

3. Remind 101- This is a nice addition to any classroom. Everyone forgets things from time to time, and it is possible that information is not getting back to the parents. Remind 101 makes it easy for teachers to inform both parents and students of assignments, events, deadlines, and virtually anything else they need to know.

4. Microsoft Office Suite and/or Google Drive- These two both present essential productivity software: word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. These 3 are programs that all students need to learn, and teachers must teach their students how to use. It can be used to create a wide-variety of things from essays to charts to slideshows and everything in-between. Having more than one brand of these can allow for students to become more tech-savvy and adaptable.

5. iPads- Apple is becoming very popular, competing with Windows-run devices, and uses a different operating system. It would be very beneficial for teachers to let students interact with these, so that they can learn how to navigate the different software. Also, iPads have a wide-variety of educational apps that teachers could download and have students use during centers to supplement learning!


Today, I am very confident in my technological abilities. I came in with a very good understanding of technology, more than just base-line knowledge. However, I have no doubt that I will be leaving this class with advanced knowledge of technological resources, both hardware and software.

My strengths include using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, creating Prezis, and adapting to new programs and devices. I feel confident that I can take knowledge I already have and apply it in new situations to effectively navigate through them.

My weaknesses include using a document camera and interactive whiteboard. Though I feel that I know more about these than before, I do not feel extremely confident in my abilities. I think this class could benefit from a more advanced application with these, perhaps creating a 15-minute lesson using the devices and presenting to the class. I'm not sure if this is feasible, but I believe it would be HIGHLY beneficial!

Finally, I want to learn about Web 2.0 (I'm still not really sure what this is!), how to use technology to assist those with disabilities, and possibly how to integrate technology with music and art. I know that there are programs out there that would help with these things, but I'm not really sure what those are.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone going into education. Even if for some reason it isn't a part of their curriculum, I would suggest taking it as an elective. This class is one you canNOT miss out on!