I am Malala

The girl with the pencil

The start

BOOM! A building falls. CRASH! Two cars get into a accident. BANG! A person is shot. Hard to imagine a life where this is a everyday thing right? Well Malala Yousafazi and everybody else in Pakistan has to endure this. The Taliban came into their life in 2009, and took away all girls rights. Malala wouldn't stand for this and decided to do something about it...
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This is Malala Yousafazi, a 18 year old girl with a strong heart.

The finish

Malala spoke out against the Taliban. She spoke out for many years. The Taliban, barley cared at first because they didn't think a young girl would have a big impact, but once Malala started gaining popularity they got nervous. The Taliban did not like this, so they went to put a stop to this. First they threatened her father, then they threatened her, after that they shot her, hoping this would make her stop. This just made her louder. Someone saw her get shot and quickley got help. She wasn't likley to survive, but they did everything they could to save her, including sending her to Briton, and by modern medicine and modern technology they saved her life. She is now a womans rights activist and she speaks her mind.
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