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You can search for materials by standard?

When using streaming vendors Learn360, CCC! and PBS LearningMedia, you can easily search by NYS and Common Core standards. See these easy to follow tutorials below for more information. Please contact me if you have any problems.

How to search by standard on Learn360

Learn360 is an interactive, media-on-demand digital delivery service for the K-12 education market: a complete district solution. With 24/7 access from any Internet-enabled device, teachers can stream high-quality full-length videos, video clips, images, audio files, speeches, articles, teacher guides, activities, worksheets, and more. Content is provided by more than 100 top educational producers, and that number is continually growing. All of Learn360’s video content is correlated to Common Core, state, and provincial standards, as well as 21st Century Skills.

How to search by standard on CCC!

All CCC! content is aligned to state and Common Core standards. Search by Standard makes it possible for you to quickly and easily locate content relevant to a specific standard. If you select If you click the down arrow in By Subject and choose By Standard, the search bar changes to display a drop-down menu that lists Common Core, all U.S. states, and Canadian provinces.

How To search by standard on PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia now offers more than 100,000 digital resources available to PreK-12 educators nationwide. Since its launch in 2011, PBS LearningMedia has continued to actively expand its offerings of education content that appeals to digital native students. Resources are available in English and Spanish, and are aligned to National and Common Core State Standards.
PBS LearningMedia 101: Quick Training Guide

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