Fourth and Fifth Grade Newsletter

May 2013

Upcoming Events

5/3: Panther Day
5/6-5/10: Teacher Appreciation Week
5/8: 5th Grade Field Trip, Anne Frank Museum
5/9: 3rd-5th Spring Performance, Covington, 6:30; Students should be in the gym NLT 6:15; Students should wear burgundy and khaki
5/10: 3rd-5th Field Day
5/27: Memorial Day, no school
5/28: 5th Grade Promotion, Covington, 10:00 a.m.; Fourth grade students will attend to support 5th grade students
5/29: Last Day of School; Elementary Honors, Conyers campus, 8:30 a.m.; School-wide Picnic, 11:00 a.m.; 4th grade should donate side items (NO CHIPS); 5th grade should donate dessert

Fourth and fifth graders are leading Chapel during the month of May!

"ABC's Of School"
I- 5/3- Involvement Day

J - 5/6 - Jump Off - The students will have lots of jump rope fun. Please bring a jump rope.

K - 5/7 - Karaoke Day - Karaoke in the gym!

L - 5/8 - Letter Day - The students will write a letter to the rising rising fourth/ fifth graders.

M - 5/9 - Movie Day - The students will watch a movie!

N - 5/10 - Noble Competitiveness Day: Field Day!

O- 5/13 - Orange Day - Wear as much orange as you can.

P - 5/14 - Pajama Day - Wear your favorite pajamas.

Q - 5/15 - Queen Day - Treat your teacher like a queen day!

R - 5/16 - Read a Poem Day - Students will read many different poems.

S - 5/17 - Silly Sock Day - Wear your silly socks.

T - 5/20 - Team Day - Wear something to support your favorite team.

U - 5/21 - USA Day - Wear red, white, and blue.

V - 5/22 - Video Day - The students will watch a video that your teacher has chosen.

W - 5/23 - Water Day - More information to come

X - 5/24 - Exchange Autographs Day - The students will sign yearbooks.

Y - 5/28 - Year-End Cleaning - Clean out your desk, locker, crate!

Z - 5/29 - Zip and Zoom Day - Students will zip up their book bags and zoom out of school!

Content Information

Fourth Grade Language Arts, Social Studies

Language Arts: Students are continuing their focus upon GUM rules and applying those rules appropriately. Please continue to encourage your student to work carefully and diligently on all tasks. We are focusing on a different GUM skill each week, and students are applying their learned knowledge of GUM rules as they edit and proofread various written pieces. In Writer's Workshop, fourth graders will continue their study of poetry; they will construct various types of poetry to honor National Poetry Month. In Reading, students have been thoroughly enjoying Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. They will be completing many activities reflective of this text. Please continue to encourage your student to read and do their best to meet and exceed set AR goals.
Social Studies: Students have begun their study of the Revolutionary War. Upcoming Units: United States Constitution, Westward Expansion

Fourth Grade Math, Science

Math: Fourth grade just finished measurement , and are currently working on coordinate graphing. We will be working on different types of graphs for the remainder of the year. Please make sure students are working on Math homework every night (Mon-Thurs). It is very important for them to go home and continue to practice the skill that we worked on in class.

Science: We are now working in our last unit, Light and Sound. We have covered so much in Science this year! I can't believe we are finally coming to an end of such a wonderful year!

Fifth Grade Language Arts, Social Studies

Language Arts: Students will be continuing their study of sentence diagramming as we focus our GUM efforts on parts of speech. In Writer's Workshop, fifth graders are ALMOST finished constructing their very first research paper, with topics including historical persons/ things/ events spanning the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In Reading, students are enjoying The Boy in the Striped Pajamas; this text is reflective of our study of World War II. Students recently participated in a class introduction of the book, looking at the following vocabulary: anti-semitic, genocide, racism, obligation, tolerance. Fifth graders will have an opportunity to further explore World War II topics, particularly the Holocaust, as they explore the Anne Frank Museum Wednesday, May 8.
Social Studies: Fifth graders will be covering the following historical topics until the end of the year: World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War.

Fifth Grade Math, Science

Math: Fifth grade is currently working on Volume. They will be having a Geometry Unit test very soon; I'll put notices on RenWeb. After that, we will be finishing the year up with different types of graphing activities.
Please make sure students are working on Math homework every night (Mon-Thurs). It is very important for them to go home and continue to practice the skill that we worked on in class.

: We are currently working in the Chemical and Physical Changes of Matter Unit. We will finish the year with this unit. It has been a busy year, but we've gotten a lot accomplished. I'm very proud of our students!

May/ June/ July Birthdays

5/8: Jayla Williams
5/13: Sanaaly McCalla
5/18: Aranya Sukakkanont
7/9: Charlotte Parker
7/11: Brianna Lewis