Stop Smoking!

Why Do YOU Want to DIE?

You Are Hurting Nature!

Why do you want to hurt the environment or nature?

We cannot live in our world if there's too much pollution.

You are hurting nature by throwing cigarettes on the ground.

For example, a women is smoking after she is done smoking she will throw her cigarette on the ground which is hurting the environment.

Most Effects That Can Happen To You.

You can get.....

Addicted, Asthma, bad-breath, bronchitis, cancer, cavities, colds, cough, death, ear-infections, emphysema, flu, heart- disease, less-energy, nausea, phlegm, short-of-breath,sick, smell, stain, stroke, tar, wrinkles, yellow-teeth, blindness and gum-disease.

Effects Of Smoking

Well... How Much Money Do You Spend A Year?

Well people say that smokers spend approximately $1000 dollars or above a year.Just so you know when you stop smoking you notice that you lost $1000 a year that you paid for all the cigarettes. which if you did not smoke you could have used the money to buy other great things like food, new shirts and pants rather then cigarettes.

Some Chemicals and Where We Find it?

These are the chemicals found in cigarettes...

Nicotine-bug spray

Carbon monoxide-car fumes



Acetone-nail polish remover

Hydrazine-rocket fuel

Cyanide-rat poison


formaldehyde-dead bodies

The Dirty Truth About Smoking

First and Second Hand Smoking.

When you are outside smoking in an area and it is a crowded environment with people around you and the people that don't smoke. They are inhaling all of the chemicals from YOUR cigarette even all of those kids too that don't smoke. They have a healthy body and they are inhaling some of the chemicals from YOUR cigarette.

Nonsmokers have stronger bones than smokers.

We found that non-smokers are better than smokers because the people that don't smoke have healthier bones than the bones of a smoker.