Communism Project

Containment of Communism Did Work

Communism in China

Mao Zedong, the leader, of the movement, he was like the backbone of communism in China. 4 major events occurred that led to the spreading of it in China. The first one would be the Long March. During this march from Southern China to Northern China, Mao Zedong got many supporters/followers/paesant farmers, whic would later help him form the CCP(China's Communist Party). and overthrow the Nationalists. The Cultural Revolution basically stopped anything and everything that didn't have something to do with communism and Mao Zedong's beliefs and teachings. (Foreign Ideas, Democratic and Social Media were blocked and unavailable to the people). At Tiananmen Square was this giant outbreak and protest in change in government. The people were supporting Democracy and were willing to die for there beliefs. As a result of this protest and change in ideas, the government was forced to act and slaughter millions of the people and lock them up. All of these things led to the establishment of communism in China. Mao Zedong wanted to advance China Industrially, so he forced people to work in factories and such and produce steel. Many of the farmers went to work in these factories instead of farming. Food Shortages and famine occurred shortly after. Many people starved to death.

Communism In Korea

In 1949 North Korea invaded South Korea in order to try and spread communism.

North Korea just about got complete control of South Korea, but the U.S. stepped in and pushed them back. The U.S. feared that if South Korea fell to communism then many other south eastern countries would too, so that's why they stepped in to help. In 1953 North and South Korea called for an armistice. I say the containment of communism is working, considering the fact that even with this invasion South Korea did not become communist, and it is embracing it Democracy and living prosperously. The counties remain divided at the 38th parallel

Communism in Vietnam

North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam in 1954 in order to try and spread Communism same case as Korea.The U.S. stepped in to help in the war because they thought that if South Vietnam fell to communism, that other countries in South East Asia would. However this time China helped North Vietnam and beat the U.S. and Vietnam Beat South Vietnam and caused the spreading of communism to South Vietnam and the two countries became on communist country, which is pretty separated from the rest of the world.

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My Opinion

Personally I feel the containment of communism did work. The U.S. kept communism in one area and stopped it from spreading without starting WW3. Also The U.S. kept it all in one general area with the exception of Cuba. We stopped it from spreading to South Korea, and even though, South Vietnam fell to it, the Domino affect did not occur. I do not feel communism spread enough for it to not have worked. We did contain it.

Here's My textual Evidence I used to help make this decision.

>"South Korea has become a prosperous country embracing democratic ideals." (Even after the war)

>"On July 27th, 1953, An agreement was signed along the 38th parallel. This agreement continued the division at the 38th parallel." Still divided

>"Just as in the Korean War, the domino theory played a part in the Vietnam War, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower felt that if South Vietnam fell to Communism then other nations would too." But this was not the case.

Also only 5 out of 196 countries in the world are communist today.