Move It!

The newest app in exercise!

The Move It! App: About and Features

Move It! monitors how much cardiac exercise a person does a day, and allows the user to keep track of their health.

Features Include:

  • Calorie Counter
  • Fitness Log
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Gym/Health Center Locator

Why Buy Move It! (Target Audience)

Anyone looking to get fit should use Move It!, regardless of age and gender. Move It! has everything you need to get and stay fit, as well as tools to help you maintain your fitness schedule. Move It! is inexpensive, costing only $1.99, meaning it is affordable for most everyone. It is also easy to use, so people of any age can easily use its many features.

Move It! is the best app for exercise!

Tiffany Krause, celebrity trainer, said: "Move It! revolutionized the way I exercise. Everything was simple to use, and helped me maintain my fitness regimen. I recommend Move It! to all my celebrity clients."

Shelly Morrison had this to say: "I love Move It! I travel, so the gym locator feature is perfect for me!"

Move It! is transparent with sharing information, staying within the government's regulations, and maintaining a consumer's right to information.