My Eyes Can See

Just not like yours.

Hello. My name is Joy and I am a 9 year old girl with Low Vision.

I have a rare condition called Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). It an inherited retinal degenerative disease-you can't catch it! People with this disorder typically have severe visual impairment beginning in infancy or toddler age. My fine vision is gone, and I can’t detect light and color, but I can see shadows of figures.

What you need to know about me.

  • I am not being rude by not looking at you, it is the only way I can see (even if it is just a shadow).
  • I have to turn my head to see even a little.
  • I am not totally blind, I can see shadows.
  • Lights can bother my sensitive eyes.
  • If you (the teacher), address students’ questions about my disabilities at the beginning of the year, it helps them to understand, and helps me to fit in because the other kids know what to expect.

Believe in me! I need you to have high expectations for me!

  • Let me do as much as I can on my own.
  • If I fall I can pick myself up. I have probably done it before.
  • Remain calm and simply ask if I need help, if I say “no”...please believe me!