Henrico County

The Beautiful county held in Virginia

Informational Facts

  • Henrico County is 245 square miles.
  • Henrico County has a population of 314,932 people.
  • Hernico County holds rural and suburban areas.
  • Henrico County has many colleges and universities including, South University-Richmond, Stratford University, Richmond, ECPI College of Technology.
  • Henrico County lifestyles include, parks, schools, and library's.

Government Structure

  • Legislative Branch-Board of Supervisors
  • Executive Branch-County Manager
  • Judicial Branch-District and Circuit Courts
How It Works-

  • Henrico County uses the county manager form of government, and is the only county that does so.
  • Henrico County has a Board of Supervisors that is elected, aswell as a county manager.
  • Henrico County works with other surronding counties and cities to insure happy residents, and tourists.

County Departments

  • Building Inspections- Makes all buildings and structures meets construction standards.
  • (County) Extension Agent- Provides Education, Programs, and Services on a variety of topics related to Agriculture.
  • Human Resource- Provides Professional Personnel Services Incorporating all aspects of equal employment opportunities and sound merit principle.

County Services

Food Safety-

  • Henrico County Department's Food Safety consists eight Environmental Health Specialist.
  • They try to Educate as well as motivate food service professionals to serve safe food.
Schools Safety-

  • The Office of Safety and Security work to guide, encourage, and empower the HCPS community to create a safe environment in which we can all play, work, and learn.
  • Henrico County Public School's first priority is safety and have planned it thoroughly to insure it.

Fun Facts

  • Henrico County was founded in 1634 making it 380 years old.
  • Henrico County was named for the Prince of Whales, Henry.
  • Henrico County holds the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens