Colgate Toothpaste?

by Ivy Jane Phillips

Geography and Globalization

Geography and globalization shapes how we live our lives.

Globalization is our culture and economy blending with the rest of the world. Without Globalization you wouldn't have A LOT of your everyday things.

PRO : With globalization we are becoming a stronger, more connected world.

CON : If we keep on going, we are gonna come to a stop.

"Everything that goes up, must come down..." -Isaac Newton

I have chosen Colgate Toothpaste as my product.

Some problems Colgate Toothpaste has caused :

Environment : The world wide production of this product and many more cause pollution to our world. Solution to Environment-We could stop using so many factories

Culture : Your toothpaste has been all over the world before it ends up setting in your bathroom and for some people who work in the factories producing your toothpaste the conditions are scary.

Tech. : The machines are very dangerous.

Economics : The economics of some of these cultures are not good.


Everything in my house almost has come from all over the world due to globalization, even me toothpaste. It's hard to believe but it's true. The good thing about globalizaytion is that with out it I would have a lot of my day to day objects. The bad thing is that because of globalization our worlds slowly getting stronger which might sound great in the moment but just remember everything that goes up must come down.