The War Of 1812

By: Payton Whiteside

What caused the U.S to join the War Of 1812?

1. Probably one if the main reasons of U.S joining the war was the impressment of their sailors. The British were looking for strays and "mistaken" to be British sailors. The British took over 10,000 American sailors. We were tired of it.

2. The British signed an alliance with the Native Americans and so the US was trapped with two powerful and battle ready enemies and the US had no choice to fight back

3. People in the south were ready for war they have been training for a war so they were battle ready while the New England states didn't want to go to war because they would be fighting in their back yards. So the president had to make a decision.

Why was Andrew Jackson special in the War Of 1812?

Andrew Jackson was the General at the battle of New Orleans. He allowed pirates and others to join them to secure the victory at the battle. Jackson was born on March 15, 1767. He was the 7th president of the US. He soon later created the Democratic party and he was a leader of that group, also one of the biggest achievements Jackson solved was that he finally paid off all the national debt.

What were some effects that the War Of 1812 had on the U.S?

1. Since James Madison thought impressment should stop he made an act called the Embargo act. This act stopped all trade with all foreign countries. No trading means no more help from countries which means it is going to be hard to sell really good products. That made our economy go down dramatically. It hurt the U.S more then it hurt other countries.

2. The 2nd effect the War Of 1812 was that it showed other countries that the U.S can defend by itself and that they can become a more powerful country. We became a strong independent country.

3. The 3rd reason the War Of 1812 was that tensions with Indians got worse. They were mad that the British traded them and left them in the dust and the Indians had to defend their own land now. The Indians were mad and wanted revenge. The only bad thing is that after the war the colonists wanted to move west to gain more land.