The Death Cure

By: Hailey DeFor


The Death Cure by James Dashner is science fiction and is the last book of the Maze Runner series.


Thomas and his friends are part of an experiment by the governement known as Wicked. It is their final test to see who is immune to the Flare and who is already infected. Thomas and his fellow gladers are offered to remove a chip in their brains that allows wicked to control them. Although many decide to allow them to do it, Thomas and a couple others think it is just another test. They decline the offer and make a plan to escape Wicked. Because Thomas is such an essential for their experiment, Wicked hunts him and his friends down. Thomas and his friends escape and go to Denver where they meet the Right Arm. The Right Arm is a anti-wicked program who wants to destroy Wicked. Thomas and the RIght Arm return and fight Wicked for the last time. Will they be able to destroy Wicked forever?


This book is a page turner. If you are someone who likes suspenseful and action filled books, you will enjoy this one. I definitely recommend reading this thriller!
The Maze Runner The Death Cure Official Trailer (2017)

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