mughal empire

Social in the mughal empire

Women and men were not treated as equals. Although there were closer to being equal then anyone.the women were aristocratic who were able to read and write. Men in the government came to their wives for advice on politics. The Mughal empire basically brought out better treatment for women.At the top of the mughal empire's social class was the kings and nobles. The middle class were mostly merchants and that at the bottom was the peasants.

Political in the mughal empire

They were run by an emperor or king who had absolute authority. They had a structure that collected revenue for the empire while taxing the people fairly and maintaining control by appointing military officers. Military officers were given land for there duties. They could not keep there assets nor pass it on. The assets were returned to the emperor after three or four years.

Interactions in Mughal empire

The ahom mughal war was a conflict between the ahom kingdom and mughals. This war broke out when the mughals tried to conquer the ahom kingdom in 1613. This was led to a conflict that lasted 67 years that came with many attacks. They also had a second war which was the mughal- safavid war this war lasted 4 years. It all started when the Persian army captured the city of kandhar. They were not able to regain control of the city.

Culture in the Mughal empire

The grandson of babur who was the founder of the mughals. akbar was the most successful of the rulers. He allowed Hindus to enroll in the army and in government services. When akbar died his son jahangir took control and continued Hindu tolerance policies. These policies were eliminated when Aurangzeb came to power thirty years later. His rule made Muslims the center of everyone. They tried to integrate Hindu and Muslims into a single Indian state.

Economy in mughal empire

The economy of the mughal empire depended on agriculture, trade and other industries. Agriculture was the biggest source of income for this empire. When shah jahan was ruling he built tons of gardens, monuments and forts that his empire suffered. Farmers lacked tools,roads,and ways to irrigate their crops. While akbar was at rule,he took away taxes from non-Muslims and then Aurangzeb put those taxes right back on them. He also doubled all the taxes of all Hindus.
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