Banned Books Project

The Shining by Stephen King

Brief Summary:

The shining is about a five year old boy named Danny who was aglow with psychic voltage. HIs father becomes a caretaker at the Overlook Hotel and his visions get out of control. A evil force shows itself while there's a blizzard and the family is stuck there.

Reason Why Book Was Challenged:

Contains violent and demonic possession and ridicules the Christian religion.

Date Of Attempt Ban:

Challenged by Campbell County, Wyoming school system, 1983 and by Washington County, Alabama, Board of Education , 1985.

My opinion:

I don't think any book should be banned from the public because of a couple parents disagree with its content. I think that specific child shouldn't be allowed to read that book not the whole school or the whole district. A parent shouldn't be so immature about this type of things. One person's personal opinion shouldn't effect so many people.

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