Join The Revolution!

We Want You

Freedom At Last!

Don't you animals want to have a better life? If we overthrow the humans, I, Donny the Donkey, guarantee that you'll be living how you've always dreamed. Get on your hoofs or paws, and fight with me! There will be no more humans forgetting to feed us, or forgetting to clean up our pens. No more hunger. No more whips. No more chains. No more bits. We will be free on this farm, no more fences holding us hostage. No more being raised our whole lives to just be slaughtered when the cruel humans feel like it, selling us away to become packaged meat for their own benefit! Come on animals, fight with me to make us all equal!

Finally Free

You'll be free to roam. Free to make your own choices. Free to eat when you want. Free to eat what you want. Free to sleep when you want. Free to walk through that open gate and leave the pasture as you please. Free to be lazy, you won't be forced to do manual labor. Free of whips and harnesses weighing us down. Free to be in charge of what we do. Free to make our own rules. We will change Manor Farm to Animal Farm!