Keeping Up With The Kennedy

November 10, 2019- Issue 9

Mrs. Dixon's Class

Students worked on building cup towers of 10. They worked with partners and compared towers, counting to 10, determining greater than, less than, and equal amounts
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Grade 5 Veteran Day Speeches

Selected students in Grade 5 read speeches to honor the Veterans. They did an excellent job capturing the true meaning of Veteran's Day.

Grade 5

Grade 5 students planted tulip bulbs from the Wicked Tulip Farm in Johnston, RI. This farm donates 100 Tulip bulbs to Charitable Organizations or Schools. Mrs. Rafetto, parent of one of our 5th graders entered the JFK School as a recipient on behalf of the 5th grade class and they were selected. Each 5th grader planted a tulip bulb and in the spring we will have a beautiful flower garden for years to come.

Mrs. Dunlap's Class

Look at this enthusiasm! One of our math challenges was to design your own thing using base-10 blocks. Each student had to name their design and tell the "value" of the item in tens and ones.

Students in class also explored different ways to express tens and ones during math. Students built things with base-10 blocks, played a math game, and responded in their math journals.

Candy Collection

Thank you to everyone who donated candy for Dana Farber. We were able to provide approximately 10 boxes for this great cause.

Notes from the Nurse


If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a substitute school nurse in the Canton Public Schools, please contact the Nurse Leader- Elizabeth Nightingale,

Thank you!

See important information below on the cold and flu season.

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Upcoming Events

November 11 NO School in observance of Veteran's Day

November 12 Mini Athletes


November 13 Mini Athletes

November 14 Robotics

Kids for Peace

Grade 5 Play Rehearsal

November 15 Photo Retakes

Grade 5 Play Rehersal

If you are worried about your housing or residency status, or if you are worried about their impact on your child's experience in school, do not worry alone. If you have questions about homelessness, please contact our Homeless Liaison, Stephanie Shapiro, at 781-821-5050 x2107.



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