The Great Sandy Desert


About The Great Sandy Desert

Ever been to the desert? Well, The Great Sandy Desert is a great natural and heritage site with a spectacular landscape. The second largest desert in Australia (after The Victorian Desert) is south of The Little Sandy Desert.

The wonderful climate on summer days is around 38-42 Degrees Celsius so it’s really dry so remember to bring a bottle of refreshing water, a hat and lots of sunscreen. On winter days the temperature is around 25-30 Degrees Celsius. It does rain but not that often.

The Great Sandy Desert is managed by Martu. Martu's excellent protection starts with working for schools and communities such as weed management, fire management, cultural heritage management and feral animal control etc.

Are you a nature type of person? Or Are you an adventure type of person? Well, if you’re a nature type of person then this is a once in a life time experience with the magnificent world of nature in a different kind of way. Don't forget to visit the animals such as bibles, thorny devils, lizards, goannas and red kangaroos on your way. But if you’re an adventure type of person the desert hasn't forgotten about you! You can have any type of interesting adventures that you want all over The Great Sandy Desert.


Some Of The Wonderful Things at The Great Sandy Desert

By Jessica & Riki