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July Newsletter

Welcome to Summer!

Summer can be the time you get creative with trunk shows. People are very busy right now and if you provide them with solutions for having shows that might be your best ammunition for July! Mary Jane Postiglione had an online trunk show that retailed over $2000. (There was a lot of prep that went into it. The hostess invited 1500 people, Mary Jane gave away incentives to the first several people that ordered, and the trunk show was a FB event that had many postings of pictures. )

Lauren Kinglsey who is a top seller with Stella & Dot shared an idea with me. During the summer she travels a lot and has her jewels with her all the time and she also has themed trunk shows during the summer. She will suggest to the potential hostess themes like "Jewels by the Pool" and "Red, White and Blue Jewelry Party". It is hard to resist when you have a stylist that is prepared and knows how to throw a successful party.

Last but not least... Hoopla is here which is a celebration about YOU! It is not too late to sign up and have the "time of your life" in Vegas! The stylists that are going will see the new fall collection live! Start calling past hostesses and create a buzz that they will want to be the a debut hostess for our fall collection!

See you In Vegas and stay tuned for live updates from Hoopla!!!!!

"The Fabulous "25" for the Carolina Pearls"

Stylists that earned their 5% bonus!!!!!

****1. Kelli Stanley $3,182 Senior Stylist****

2. Kelly Bowers $2,532
3. Dana Sellers $2,518 Director
4. Caroline Manrique $2,486
5. Mary Jane Postiglione $2,373 Lead Stylist

Stylists that earned business supplies and qualified!
6. Mandy Owens $2,009 Lead Stylist
7. Rita Straker $1,899
8. Katie Hinely $1,563 Lead Stylist
9. Laura Reynolds $1,416 Star Stylist
10. Kristan Whitman $1,316
11. Andrea Fleming $1,267
12. Ginger West $1,168
13. Jillian Holmes $1,054 Senior Stylist
14. Heather Stepp $1,011 Senior Stylist
15. Kim Mosley $932 Lead Stylist
16. Kathryn Wolford $921
17. Kimberly Bridges $744
18. Chesa Sorensen $731
18. Cindy Epps $731 Lead Stylist
19. Jennifer Holleran $629
20. Heather Diliberto $601
21. Jill Edwards $598
22. Amy Zimmer $589 Lead Stylist
23. Chrissy Colburn $514 Lead Stylist
24. Dusti Semach $503


Congratulations to these special stylists!!! A huge Kudos to these 2 Pearls!!!

Big image

Kelli Stanley is our newest Senior Stylist!

Big image

Kim Mosley is our newest Lead Stylist!

Help others achieve what you have and share the FUN!

In the next 6 months we should see a lot of promotions! Start talking about the opportunity now and you could promote and have a team of your own by the fall. What does it take? To love Stella & Dot, positive attitude, and willing to help others. Start booking strong and you will meet your new team members.

Top in Sponsoring

Amy Zimmer-1
Anne Bennett-1
Dana Sellers-1
Kelli Stanley-1

Congratulations to our newest Pearls!!!!!

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Meredith Wright

Big image

Chesa Sorensen

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Anne Bennett

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Cyndy Bennett

Have a fabulous July!