Reproductive Health

By: Caleb Eades


Mammagrams are basically two X-ray pictures of a women's breasts, to tell if they have breast cancer or not. Women can have a mammagram done to detect if they have breast cancer or not. Women should be getting these, at the ages of 50 or 74. It is impressive that women have this done every 2 years

Pap smears

Pap smears help to the doctors tell if there is something wrong with a girls cervix. After 21 women should start to get regular pap smears, women should get a pap smear about 3 times every year.

Testicualr exams

Men should get testicular exams, between the ages of 15-35. Testicular exams are trying to find out of you have testicular cancer. Men should exam themselves mouthy.

Prostate exams

Prostate exams are there to tell the doctor if you have prostate cancer or not. Men get these exams when they are between the ages of 40 and 70, men should get this done yearly.