You've Been Drafted!

By: Alexis Davis

History of the Selective Service

Prior to 1940, people who served in any combat did so because they were told to. The Burke-Wadsworth Act passed by Congress in 1940 created the Selective Service. Now men from 21 through 36 were required to register for military service. Two years later, in WWI, the ages for drafts changed to 18-37.

Civilian Requirements for the Selective Service

  • Men ages 18-25
  • Citizens
  • Immigrants
  • Register for military (not necessarily meaning you had to fight)

History of the 1969 Draft Lottery for Vietnam

Randomly picked names by birthdates. Random letters and numbers corresponding with names of selected persons.The glass jar for draftings are still used today.


#21 N

#42 L

Nolan Lenane is drafted!