Improvisational Story Design

30 days to a better you

"Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves. It creates an explosion that for the moment frees us from handed- down frames of reference, memory choked with old facts and information and undigested theories and techniques of other people's findings. Spontaneity is the moment of personal freedom when we are faced with a reality and see it, explore it and act accordingly. In this reality the bits and pieces of ourselves func- tion as an organic whole. It is the time of discovery, of experienc- ing, of creative expression" -Viola Spoon, Improvisation for the Theater

Day 1: How the Ocean had Influenced Humanity (Feb 11)

Throughout history humans have been influenced by the ocean. Ocean waters serve as a source of food and valuable minerals, as well as vast highway for commerce. Increasingly, people are turning to the oceans for their food supply either by direct consumption or indirectly by harvesting fish that is then processed for livestock feed. It has been estimated that as much as 10% of human protein intake comes from the oceans. We had even written entire stories around them, dating back to the dawn of man. Jason and the Argonauts, Moby-Dick, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea are among the more famous examples. Even as we look to new horizons we view the exploration of space as a vast new ocean for us to sail.

Day 2 Setting up

I hadn't actually written anything today due to me setting up a site where people could shout things at me.

Day 3 The man with a million dollars

There comes upon every mans fantasy of having a large sum of money. Be it through hard work, determination, or sheer luck, the end goal is the same. To be a millionaire or a billionaire or, in some unrealistic cases, a trillionaire. Frequently argued about in the cases in which men will claim that money can't buy happiness usually by those with lesser standings in such economical delights. It is to the unfortunate standings that money can buy happiness when used correctly. I once met a man with a million dollars. He gave half of it to his family. He had five hundred grand after that. Then he split that with various charities. Then he gave away most of what was left with his friends. That man lived a modest life with people he cared about. In my eyes he had a richer experience then most.

Day 4 Perfect Human

It may have been among out best interests that we designed the perfect man.  I may have done just that.  When I was finished with him, I had made him superior in every way.  In the first few hours of his wake, he had demonstrated the athleticism of an Olympian, the intelligence of a scholar, and the creativity of a child.  He had begun to solve innumerable calculations that had plagued humanity for so long, and declared such things like String Theory as child’s play.  In the following hours, he devolved a game which only he could play.  The rules were simple and easy to follow, but required genius level intelligence and insurmountable strength and dexterity.  As he learned of his own superiority he began a philosophical concern for us.  Why are some weak, why are some dumb, why are some born unlucky, but I should never have answered.  As he talked with me about the outside world, he learned of war.  At first he questioned it as amoral and wrong, which I had agreed to at first, but then he began to question if humanity should be stopped from doing it again.   I had tried to explain why some wars occurred and the benefits of war.  He had stopped questioning after that.  The subject is three days old now.  He is our master now and we are his subjects.  I had trapped him inside of the institute, but it is only a matter of time before he escapes.  Walls cannot hold him, emotions cannot persuade him, and weapons will not hurt him.  We are nothing more than animals awaiting the slaughter.  We have created an unstoppable killing machine.  We had succeeded in our goal.

Day 5 Starline Part Intro DND

The year is 6049 NA.  The human race had developed the technology to settle the vast regions of space.  We never left our humanity.  We fought over the settlements like children.  A thousand years of blood shed over the planets and a thousand years of self genocide.  We were lucky that the electromagnetic wave hit us when it did.  A hundred years of rebuilding on our settlement planet and we had truly discovered a peace that we were happy to share.  We had finally reconstructed the computers needed to contact our sister planets.  Then we had received the signal.  The last cry for help that we would ever receive.  Old and new messages of planets warning each other of an incoming war against all of humanity.  Some unknown threat had presented itself as our masters and declared their war.  The technology they possess is greater then we've ever seen.  But we will not go down without a fight.  We have ancient technology from our ancestors and the people needed to reverse engineer them.  We have our greatest strategists assembled.   We have a growing army that is ready to defend their people.  We have located the last descendents of the greatest warriors of the last war.  Through them we can win.  This is humanities last known planet.  This is the time we fight back.

Day 6 New Age Intro DND

We don't know when it happened, but it did.  It started without anyone really noticing.  Scientists making incredible break thoughs in technological, biological, geological, and every other branch conceivable.  Some of them figured out how to control things using their technology.  It started with the what is now known as the first real life super villain Apocalypse.  Modern weapons were useless.  We had turned to the other scientists, where one stood out among the rest.  He had made a suit powered by the very essence of life.  He became the first super hero known as Genesis.  It wasn't long after that when we finally realized what hit us.  Mutations began becoming apparent in some of the human populace.  The fight between Genesis and Apocalypse had caused a surge of evolution in all of humanity.  Most of us were unaffected, but it had become clear that the Human race was entering the Dawn of a New Age.

Day 7 New Age Day 1

The story is written by the people creating a character and rolling a 20 sided dice to determine the outcome of things they do. 20 is the best. 1 is the worst. The story began as a women who could make portals, a telekinetic man, a super fast metal rocker, and a bullet proof man got abducted by a man who forces mutants to fight for an underground entertainment network. They chose the decision to fight their way out, but when they got put into their cells they broke out.

Day 8 Story of Andras: Poem (Feb 18)

In an underground land that he claimed as his own, the man known as Andras had been all but alone. In this land where there was no dawn, he had constructed his army of Demon Spawn. His power had grown to that of a lords, through which he had controlled these demonic hoards. His time was close at hand, soon he would take stand, but he did not foresee what his heart had planned. He dropped to his knees as he saw the fate of his sentries. He clutched his chest as he saw what befell the rest. A burning light paving the way, bringing the darkness a brand new day. Andres felt the pain of the demons unroll, his powers had begun to take their toll. In his pain he could barely make out, the burning imprint of a man burnt out. Andras was lifted by a figure made of ash, his face a darkened gash. Andras was weak with little left to go, he lifted his cursed arm in one final throw, he grasped the mans face and with one final spell, he summoned a demon with one last yell.

Day 9 "Make a superhero for me"

Miss Moon AKA Liana Brown


  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY
  • Marital Status: Married, despite her insistence on being called 'Miss' moon
  • Occupation: Hero, teacher, and fencing coach
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age 38, insists 35
  • Weight: 127 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown

Miss Moon is a unique mutant with the extraordinary ability to perceive and manipulate the forces and elements that govern the earth making her incredibly powerful. She's a mainstay and veteran member of the first heroes, tactical field leader, teacher at Lancaster Boarding School for Mutants , and a former U.S Olympic fencer.

Growing up in family of seven in a low rent apartment, Liana was forced to take care of several of her siblings. When her house was robbed by crooks one night, she woke up and saw her mother being shot and the rest was a blur. Raised by her father, who taught her the many skills of quick reactions and double talk, she had eventually become a con artist at the age of twelve.

Years later, Liana leaves the slums and goes out on her own. She had been taking night classes at a community college, as well as a day job and had even joined the colleges fencing club. She had fallen in love with the sport and soon enough became captain. At a state wide fencing meet, she had won against a guest celebrity, whom believed that she was olympic material. She would eventually accept the offer and become part of the U.S fencing team. Sadly the U.S 1996 Summer Olympics Womens Fencing team won no medals.

Making her home in a slightly better area of New York as a quasi-celebrity, she had taken hung up her saber and took her teaching degree to a local school. She had ended up dating a neighbor down the hall, who turned out to be her future husband, Desmond Quake. They were planning for marriage when Apocalypse had risen. New York was the first place he attacked, no one saw it coming, and they were separated in the chaos. In the bunker that she hid in with several other victims, a gang of street thugs came by with guns threatening to kill everyone... she taken the saber with her. A week held down in a bunker full of strangers, she left and aided in the united rebuilding of earth. During the second week of fixing New York, she had felt occasional head aches and some of the construction workers noted on how concrete would crack around her and gravel would smooth out. A connection between the very earth and her emotional state lead was realized on a night of a full moon, one she and her former fiance would look at together. Fortunately for her, the park was already in ruins, so no real harm was done. In order to detach herself from stronger emotions so it was as possible to protect the people near her, she had accepted her lovers fate. Going by the name of Miss Moon, she patrolled the broken streets of New York which was in the state of desperation. With the combined efforts of early mutants, major areas of the world was fixed in a matter of months. The world wasn't looking for vigilantes, but they had them. The world government had officially selected certain individuals who would be allowed to perform these acts and gave them the authority now known as The Special World Area Task Force, also known as S.W.A.T. On one of her missions to the dark spot of America (It's a large radiated land that takes up all of Nevada and pieces of surrounding states), she had found Desmond who she believed was dead. Desmond had believed the same of her and had explained that he spent the last year in the barren wasteland, not knowing that the rest of the world was repairing. They married in December 2011 and she had continued her masquerade as a single women and an example for all women mutants equality. She currently lives with Desmond in New Nevada, which is found several hundred miles above the old one. Desmond lives his life as a research assistant in technologies that will break through the radiation cloud and find survivors. Miss Moon is still a rather prominent figure head as one of the more powerful mutants alive, but many people say this is because of her additional time being a mutant.


Her original costume was similar to that of a ninja mainly because it blended in dark allyways easily and black is fairly common cloth. She wears a green headband, a bright green short sleeve shirt and khaki pants now. When asked, she was said to have replied with 'Because I make this look good'.


  • Shape, compress, and/or otherwise manipulate earthen materials.
    • Repair objects of earthen material.
    • Sharpen/Dull stone/metal objects.
  • Can cause Avalanches, Earthquakes, Mudslides or Quicksand.
  • Limited Magnetism Manipulation
  • Matter Surfing by creating pillar or wave of earthen material for riding.
  • 'Mines/bombs' made of earthen material by manipulating internal pressures and forces.
  • Move/lift earth, rocks, boulders, and stones at nearly any speed whether in/on surface, air or water. Said she could even do this in vacuum of space if one has way to survive the experience.
  • Missile Generation with anything from pebbles to boulders size of a ocean-liner.
  • Coat limbs in earthen material to empower physical attacks.
  • Bury or otherwise stop/imprison objects.

Day 10 "A Poem about love"

I thought of past loves
as I asked you the question,
“Now what will you do?”

Spent 10 whole minutes on that.

Day 11 "A poem that isn't a haiku"

A haiku is a respectable poem
one with an actual rhythm
if you do not like that system
then complain to my teacher at Salem

Day 12 Starline Day 1 (Feb 22)

The group remembers when they first met and set the back ground for the game. A whole flash back is initiated in which bad rolls have some of them die over and over again only for someone to say, "You're remembering that wrong".

Day 13 New Age Day 2

As they broke out they experienced a retaliation by the prison guards. Many of them were backed against the walls of their cells and they decided to spend one of their few hero points to change the tide. They used it to get Genesis to secretly be investigating the scenario the whole time and now unveil himself to stop the illegal actions. This led to them fending off the guards and fighting the master of ceremonies, a man who had acquired a large sum of technology and proved himself quite viable of fending himself off.

Day 14 Day 3

They used their last hero point something to crash into the place they were at. They took the master of ceremonies while he wasn't looking. As they wanted to kill him, he escaped because of some technology in his shoes that he used as a jet. This led to him escaping. The players wanted to get him so they followed him into a prison that he was attempting to secure people from and rebuild his empire.

Day 15 A Cats Tale

I'm pretty sure that joke has already been made, but here's your story.

My surroundings were of the usual ones. They had moved the chair, but I am still capable of reaching it. There is nothing that I can not reach. The doors they close have handles that I can open. I stretch my great body towards the protruding shining material and I lay my weight against it as I fall down. They make a strange noise when I sharpen my claws. They must fear if I will decide to harm my own servants. I am a god inside of my mighty shrine. A magical fountain of food and water is at my ever need and there is plenty of sun and shade for me to rest in. Even a box that magically deposes of my waste exist. Truly there is no equal for me. What is this? Unhand me peasant! A revolt!

The cat kept mewing at his owner as his owner held him in his hands wondering whether or not cats could have complex thought.

Day 16 Childrens Story

The Clock goes Tock
The End

Delight with your children for hours on end as you read the story about the ticking clock. Your children will learn valuable life lessons and accumulate a vast array of philosophical and sociological views. Sometimes the clock goes tick and sometimes it goes tock, showing you never really know what life is throwing at you.

Day 17 Make something gay.

Richard grew up in an orphanage in Liverpool. He lived a normal life except for being a "little different" from the other kids. He lived a hard life as a child because of his openness of his sexual orientation. He spent 17 years until he finally fell in love with a beautiful man. Thomas was his name and they spent several years in London, happily together. Richard started making a lifestyle as a home maker and had taught himself in the school of etiquette, making him the one led up the stereotypical gay man in the couple. As he spent some time of his life with Thomas, they went back to his old orphanage to adopt a child. Having unknowingly been seen by one of the kids who used to beat him up when he was a child. His views remained unchanged. He knocked a beer bottle over Thomas's head and went after Richard with the broken remains. As the drunken man started taking stabs at him, Thomas hit him. Unfortunately he had lived a life of fighting and went towards Thomas. Richard looked over his loved ones lifeless body as the drunken man ran through the ally ways. This is what his prejudice is capable of. And Richard had to suffer because of it.

Day 18 Dark Manor

As you step past the steel gates, that one can only describe as a piercing silver among the hauntingly black night sky, whose cold touch could freeze your bones, you approach the manor. Past the worn strolling path, where the stones had been crumbled and torn out, next to the garden where all flowers had died, except the weed known as the nependeath root. Up the creaking stairs on whose broad wood once let pass a congregation of nobles, leads to the worn door, whose worn handles shows their years. Into the main halls floor, a tattered mess, with cobwebs thrown about for good measure. And in the once proud kitchens, lie not a single grain. The music room, playing only the sounds of the wind against a broken window. The trophy room contains no heads where the hunters once bragged. Nor does the bedroom even contain a bed anymore. The mansion was left, one time long ago, by its masters and is left bare. The children who sneak in at night to seek what horrors they dare find, will only find the most horrific of all things that we are capable of with our mind. Nothing is scarier.

Day 19 Starline Day 2 (March 1)

The group encounters the first real threat as a powerful pilot flies loops around them and shows the group that there is a more powerful force in the universe besides their own ability to pilot a craft.

Day 20 New Age Day 4

The players, having followed The MoC to a prison, had invariably caused a notion of alarm. Who are these people and what are they doing here. They forgot all about things making sense and blindly rushed into a prison. As actual legal guards came by to stop them they did the most sensible thing at the time and released the prisoners. They used this confusion to try and escape, but were confronted by some of the champions of the illegal fighting ring. They took them out after a few minutes, but one of the players killed one of the champions while he was out. The security system took note of that.

Day 21 New Age Day 5

After a few scraps, the players had accumulated a hero point, in the loosest term possible, as they were anything but. They immediately spent it to open a hole through a wall and left the prison, completely forgetting about why they were there. After I had enough, I had repercussions on everything they did. This essentially opened up the true start of the story for them in a manor of speaking as it had the bulletproof man, James, die when a prisoner killed him with an RPG he had stolen a little while later. The players then noticed that they should try and be a little bit better and James then started to play Alexander, the scholar.

Day 22 New Age Day 6

With a large criminal element running around the world thanks to the group, and the group itself being hunted down to be tried for their actions, they attempted to hide from one of the first police squadrons and got a lucky lucky 1. After being caught, they spent their very last hero point on having someone show up to defend them. An ex-marine came up and proposed the offer of training them and refining them to become a group of heroes that can seek out these other mutants and masterminds.

Day 23 New Age Day 7

As a bank heist is being pulled at the most generic of all banks, Fort Knox, the group attempts to end the results by going in, guns a blazing. This has unfortunate endings for them as some of these mutants are bullet proof. They win in the end thanks to their ability to actually stop being idiots and talk to one of the dumber mutants about what he was doing. This ended with them being able to out number the remaining mutants robbing the place. Hero point for them.

Day 24 New Age Day 8

As a new player joins due to recommendations, because the story is full of puns and is generally fun (because I will compliment my own story game). The players decide to try and get some more prisoners to stop the other prisoners. They again enter the field of being blind and prone to idiocy. One of the major heroes they encountered was protecting the technology prison in Japan, but they were unable to convey to them what they wanted to do, so the psychic tried to set his pants on fire and make him go off guard. He rolled a 1 and blew him up. Inside of the prison, they only ended up releasing more prisoners due to opening cell doors, asking questions, and leaving without closing them.

Day 25 New Age Day 9

They finally attempted to do good when one of them decided to locate the Master of Ceremonies and see if they could take his mutant locator, so they could at least round up all the criminal mutants that were hiding. Ignoring the fact that many civilians are mutants, it was an idea. They spent a hero point to find information on where MoC could be and they went there. Under prepared and without a clue they entered a literal under ground fighting contest.

Day 26 Starline Day 3 (March 8)

A strange transmission from an alien planet sends the group to face a weird material they have never seen before. A forest is a concept they have nothing to relate to, so it's certainly new to them. They spent the hour doing a dialogue that I don't have a copy of, so sorry.

Day 27 New Age Day 10

The group unfortunately started to fight off against a majority of various mutants, simply because they did. They could've simply have walked back out and went another way, but that didn't occur to them until later. The game was one big fight scene.

Day 28 New Age Day 11

They spent a hero point to knock down a wall with one of their flung victims so they could attempt to capture the MoC for good this time. What they found was a room where he monitored everything going on. Not else much happened because the first half hour was them fighting amongst themselves. The story being made is funny and interesting, but moving at a slow pace, so it's incomplete, but will be finished as there are several people writing together and basing everything on the luck of the die.

Day 29 Buried Alive

I felt a heavy presence lie atop me with a small cracking noise. The very essence of it caused me to black out. When I awoke I could barely move. My body was bound by the small space I was in. The air was thick and caused my head to spin and my body constantly rustled against a splintering wood. It was with extreme luck that I had remembered the cracking of the wood. I squeezed my arms around and started to tear at the opening. My hands were in agony as the wood cut into my skin and the blunt impacts caused my body to go numb. The dirt that fell in was dry and offered no hope. But then the lid cracked down. I clawed my way through the dirt, my nails being torn off from the mere frantic force I made. As all hope was lost, I prayed. And a small patch of dirt caved in and I saw the moon light shining down. Crawling from my wood be grave, I praised my luck and would get away as far as I could. But my body was weak and slow. I fell asleep, my body broken and short of breath. When I regained consciousness, I felt a heavy presence lie atop of me with a small cracking noise.

Day 30 Buried Alive Twist

The doctor reviewed his notes again and again. There was nothing he could do about it. The patient exhibited extreme cases of claustrophobia, taphophobia, and anthropophobia. Worst of all, she claimed that it was always happening. The people, any person at all, would take her away and put her in a box. As she awoke she would fight for her life and claw her way out of her early grave. Only to be forced to do it again and again. She would attack those who 'buried' her with extreme force. Too dangerous to leave alone. He walked to her large room. Everything had to be removed, sans bed, to keep her from harming herself. Yet she would still bloody her hands and harm herself by clawing and throwing herself against the walls. He sighed as he stopped flipping through her charts. He checked the bindings on the bed to prevent her from harming herself again and gave her some medicine to help ease her mind. A heavy presence lay on him as the last of the liquid entered her veins, as he could've sworn that he heard a small cracking noise.