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December 2015 - Happy Holidays!

Eat Well

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Leanne Brown - Cooking Blog

Click below to view "Good and Cheap" a free cooking blog from former E.L.M. participant Leanne Brown. It has great healthy recipes all for under $4 per serving. The onion soup recipe looks delicious at only $1.50 per serving.

Cooking Lite recipes

Ok, so the picture below seems a bit decadent for an ELM recipe. The Cooking Lite site is excellent however and has an abundance of free and wonderful recipes in their Ultimate Holiday Cookbook.

Love Better

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A Few Different Perspectives on Holiday Stress.

Did you know Rush Prevention Center offers Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction?

The Harvard study below is one more reason to sign up for mindfulness with Patricia Normand, MD at Rush University Preventive Center, (312) 942-3133

Move More

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Holiday Fitness Opportunities

E.L.M. is offering a few free opportunities and challenges this December. Rush is offering free Group Fitness classes. And we are all working toward Connie's Holiday Fitness Challenge. Flyers are attached below for your convenience.

Inspiration for the New Year

Maya Angelou And Still I Rise