After High school plans

Makeup artist

Makeup artist

Available Community Volunteer Work as Training:
    • do friends makeup for dances or events

    • Haunted house makeup

    • and it will help give me experience and volunteer work looks good on my resume

School info

  • Northwest College
  • Medford,Oregon
  • 100$ registration fee
  • all together 7,186 $
  • 12:1 student/teacher ratio

Location Info

  • Medford, Oregon
  • You can go to Rogue Valley mall, hiking and the river
  • Weather is hot in the summer, and cold and wet in the winter
  • mountainous terrain

Paying for college

  • i'll get a job
  • the FAFSA form due February 1st
  • GPA 1.0
  • scholarships i plan to apply for: Walmart Dependent Scholarship and Traci Allman Memorial Scholarship

Achiveing post high school goal

  • goals during the next few years include having a 2.5 GPA
  • I also plan on taking more arts classes