English IV World Literature

2nd semester update

"Things Fall Apart" Research Paper

We are currently starting the research paper for 2nd semester. It is tentatively due on February 22, but if we get behind that day may change. I will attach both the criteria and the timeline, so that you will be aware of due dates.

Guidelines for Paper

Things Fall Apart Research Paper

For this assignment, you are going to combine literary analysis with outside research.

When you wrote your previous essays, you only included evidence from the text itself and

did not do any outside research. For this essay, you are going to include examples from the

book AND research from other sources.

This paper will be need to be 3-4 pages in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced.

There are multiple prompts to choose from below. You will need to pick ONE of them:

 Prompt 1- Research the effects of the British colonization of Nigeria. Then, discuss

how we see these effects portrayed in Things Fall Apart.

 Prompt 2- Research the traditional roles of women (or men) in the Ibo culture.

Then, discuss how we see these roles portrayed in Things Fall Apart.

 Prompt 3- Research the traditional religious beliefs of the Ibo tribe. Then, discuss

how we see those beliefs in Things Fall Apart and how the introduction of

Christianity changed the Ibo’s way of life.

 Prompt 4- Research the Ibo’s beliefs about justice and crime. Then, discuss how we

see these topics handled in Things Fall Apart. You should also discuss how these

topics are handled differently once they are colonized by the British.

 Prompt 5- Research the roles and traits of tragic heroes throughout literature.

Then, discuss how Okonkwo displays the characteristics of a tragic hero in Things

 Prompt 6- If you have your own idea for a prompt, please see me before or after

class. Your prompt will need to be approved by me before you begin your paper.

Guidelines for outside sources:

 Preferably published by a professor and/or a university

 If not from the academic field, it should be from a credible source such as a

 Wikipedia, Yahoo answers, Ask.com, etc. are NOT credible sources and should not

 If you cannot find the author and/or the organization that produced the

information, you need to move on to another source

 You need at least THREE outside sources in your essay plus examples from Things

Guidelines for in-text citations:

 You need at least SIX in-text citations

 We will review this week how and when to use those, but basically, anytime you get

information that you did not know before and/or a direct quote, you need a citation.

Even if you put things in your own words, if you did not know it beforehand, it needs

 You will include a works cited page in your paper this time

 We will go over that this week

 The works cited page is in addition to your paper; it DOES NOT count as one of your

Note: If you are absent on the day that the paper is due, these are your three options to

ensure that your paper is not considered late and does not receive a deduction:

1. Give me the paper beforehand

2. E-mail me the paper before the end of that school day

3. Bring the paper to me the day you return to school WITH a doctor’s note

Otherwise, your paper will be considered late and will receive a 10-point deduction per day

NOTICE: Each time you plagiarize, you will get a 5-point deduction from your paper. If

more than ¼ of your paper is plagiarized, you will get an automatic 25-point deduction and

will have to completely rewrite your paper within 24 hours or receive an automatic zero.

Plagiarism is absolutely not tolerated in this class.

Your paper is due on: _________________________________________

Timeline for Research Paper

Timeline for Research Paper

Day 1: Introduce paper---jot ideas, brainstorm

Day 2: Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Day 3: Practice Summary and Paraphrasing Activity

Day 4: Source Cards/Working Works Cited

Day 5-8: Research

Day 9: Article Summary

Day 10: Plagiarism

Day 11-13: Research Outline

Day 14: Outline Due

Day 15: MLA format

Day 16-18: Rough Draft (typed)

Day 19: Peer Edit

Day 20-21: Final Draft

Day 22: Finish Final Draft (Due)

Senior Memory Book--Chapters due at various times throughout semester

Chapter 6: My Best Friend: January 25

Chapter 7: Love is a Wonderful Thing: Feb 22

Chapter 8: Yes! I am a Senior: Mar 22

Chapter 9: Most Importantly I've Learned: April 5

Chapter 10: If I could Live My Life Over Again... I would: Apr 25

Entire Project DUE: MAY 2nd!