My Christmas List

And why I should have it

An iphone

I think that I should have an i phone because I am in 6th grade, and if a situation arises in which I am away from home and am unable to contact my parents or any other familiar authority figure. A mobile cellular device (specifically from Apple's iPhone series) would eliminate all cause for concern with regards to this issue.

signing off
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Uggs (chestnut)

I think that I should be able to obtain winter boots of this kind. Now, I understand that UGGS are a particularly expensive item, so you should not be obliged to buy the brand name boots. But i still think that I should have warm winter boot to wear outside of snow boots. (You may want consider purchasing boots of the brand BearClaw)

This is Lane, signing off
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Switching my room with Ross's

I think this would be an awesome gift to give me this winter. First off, I need more space. switching my room with Ross's room would be a great way to do this. His room is much larger than mine, and he is not here as often as I am. So if you would mind, doing so would make me a happy sleeper
I bid you good day,
-Lane Winterstein

special chocolates

I think that you should purchase me these chocolates because they are tasty. I love these chocolates, as Ross does. I think that you should reward me for me being me, with these chocolates.

getting my american girl doll fixed

I think that I should get this because my American girl doll need a new head. her hair very sloppy, and at the American girl hospital they can fix it easily. This would make my American girl doll have pretty hair again, because honestly, I cannot remember a time when her hair was not frizzy.