Student's Scoop-Gierman's Class

January 25- 4/5 GT class at Woodland Elementary

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Wow, this week went by so fast with the ICE day in the middle!

Editor in Chief: Olivia Lopez

Guest Writers today: Bryce

Thanks for writing with us today!

Detroit Dog rescue

Thank you for all the donations and sharing of information!! Everything you want to know about what is needed is here!

Look at all the donations we have collected for dogs in need so far! :) :) it makes us so happy to see it pile up for our furry friends!!!

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Hello! This is Bryce again… Anyways, in Science on Thursday we read an article on Solar Power, and more specifically, the Solar Suitcase. This was a whole solar panel and a bunch of other stuff, all in a suitcase. This was supposed to help doctors who were helping mothers to give child birth. How would this help? Well, in Africa power goes out a lot, and it makes it hard for doctors to help mothers when the power is out. The solar suitcase is designed to give solar power to lights when power goes out. This saves people’s lives. Miss Gierman told us that we could create inventions that could save people’s lives if we tried. Well, that wraps this science article up. See you later!


Hot Cocoa Party!

By Olivia

In case you didn't read the title above, we had our hot cocoa party!!! But this wasn't just any hot cocoa party, this was a specially earned cocoa party! You see, just before winter break, our class had been assigned an essay, and a whole anthology to complete! This was a lot of work to do, and Ms. Gierman promised if we all got a 2.5 (basically an A) or higher we would get a delicious hot cocoa party! Thanks to Mrs. Shaw for volunteering! We had a lot of fun!

We are LOVING our HANDS ON SCIENCE with all of the discoveries!!!! This week we learned about magnets!!! Check out the exciting moment when John realized he had just induced magnetism into a piece of iron! so cool! He made a temporary magnet:)

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See us posing for a picture with our strong Prudent, determined faces!

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P2 this Week=Prudence

Prudence means that you plan for the future and achieve your goals by making careful everyday choices. Prudence is the ability to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. It's a future-oriented way of thinking that helps a person set goals, make plans, and have the discipline to accomplish them. It is cognitive – more a strength of the head than of the heart.

Prudence is not simply being excessively cautious or self-restrained. And, while it is often exemplified through individual financial savings, prudence applies to all parts of life. Philosophers have discussed the strength for millennia. Aristotle wrote about phronesis or “practical wisdom” which allows us to properly use other character strengths. And, According to Dr. Chris Peterson, the Christian theologian Thomas Aquinas “named prudence as the principle wisdom, with bravery subordinate to it. It is prudence that provides the wisdom to assess danger; bravery then allows reason to prevail despite fear.”

So, why does this matter?

Prudence supports effective individual self-management. Whether aspiring for an athletic record, academic grade, or purchasing a car, foresight and planning are necessary. However, long-term goals – even with a plan – can only be obtained by overcoming those impulses and desires that steer you away from your goals. Prudence provides the wisdom to know which character strength to leverage, at which time, to achieve your desired end state.


The Detroit Institute of Arts

Thursday, Jan. 31 from 9-2

Bring disposable sack lunch & a disposable snack

No cameras or backpacks

Cost = $0


The Cranbrook Institute of Science - Chemical Reactions

February 21 from 9:20-1:30

Bring disposable sack lunch & a disposable snack

Cost = $16 for admission



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By: Olivia

LOR lunch club is coming up soon! In case you didn't hear, our class is getting a challenge to read 300 pages of a challenging lexile book, complete with 20-30 pages of detailed stop and jots. If you have this, you get to join a very cool club! On February 5th, whomever joined this club will get to have lunch together, bringing lot of yummy treats. For example, if we wanted a pizza and cookies day, we can! If we wanted a mexican day with chips, salsa, tacos, be my guest! AND If you wanted a brownie and lemonade day, PLEASE help yourself! ;) It's a great way to be rewarded, and a yummy way too! So please, make sure your son/daughter is reading!
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Jump Rope For Heart

Hi! This is Nikita!

I am here to tell you about jump rope for heart! This is an organization for kids with heart problems. You can set up your kid with the instructions from the flyer that is in your kid’s Friday folder. You can win prizes for how much money you donate. Like for example you can get a dancing ball for 150 dollars or a keychain 5, 20, or 35 dollars. You can win a plush keychain for 100 or 200 dollars. Please help, and donate today!

If your child is in Battle of the Books!!

By: Katie

You remember battle of the books?

Well if your child is in it, please make sure they ARE READING THE BOOKS!!!

YOU must provide the books for your child, and they are available at the public library:)

4th grade book list:


100 Year Old Secret

Just My Luck

How to Steal a dog

5th grade book list:

The Penderwicks

Fuzzy Mud

No Talking

Lucky Strike

Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library

What we did this VERY SHORT 3 day week:

By Olivia

P2: Prudence

Math: NWEA! And workbooks!

Writing: Vocab games and NWEA!

Reading: Read-aloud book ( Charlotte Doyle) and our Book Clubs :)

Science/Social Studies: Fourth Grade is diving into a new unit on magnets! I'm sure that'll be fun to talk about with you son/daughter! As well as in fifth grade, we have started in a new unit with FOSS, all about chemical reactions!

Enrichment: Advertising for dog rescue! As well as supplemental learning.

Supplementary (at home) Learning Options for Next Week

1.Ask your son or daughter about the science unit in his/her grade level and have them talk about those concepts as visible at home :)

2. Discuss the concepts in our class read aloud: Charlotte doyle

3. explore the use of logos, pathos, ethos, and propaganda as you view advertisements together

4. have your student calculate discounts based on percents or think about recipes and equivalent fractions.

5. Log into Khan Academy for extra math learning

6. Continue reading challenging books at your lexile or above and add the titles and summaries to your reading log in your Slides student portfolio

Important News and Dates

Jan. 29: SOC Information Night @ Meadows - current families welcome at 6:30

Jan. 31: DIA Field Trip with Ms. Green

Feb. 6-Mar.8: SOC Application Window

Feb. 7: Late start or early dismissal

Feb. 7: SOC Information Night @ Meadows - current families welcome at 6:30

Feb. 14: Valentines exchange @ 10:45; 1/2 day

Feb. 15-19: Mid-Winter Break

Feb 21-Cranbrook field trip!

Feb.26: 4th grade concert

Mar. 14: Late start or early dismissal

Apr. 1-5: Spring Break

Our Class Schedule

8:35-8:50: Morning Work/Welcome

8:50-9:40: Writing Workshop

5th Graders:

9:40-10:26: 5th Grade Specials

10:26-10:35: Snack (Healthy, Nut-Free)

10:35-11:30: Science/Social Studies with Ms. Martin

4th Graders:

9:40-10:35: Science/Social Studies with Ms. Gierman

10:35-11:21: 4th Grade Specials

11:21-11:30: Snack (Healthy, Nut-Free)

4th/5th Graders Return to their Teacher:

11:30-12:30: Math Workshop

12:31-12:53: Lunch

12:53-1:15: Recess

1:15-2:30: Reading Workshop

2:30-2:45: 2nd Recess

​2:45-3:30: Enrichment

  • Woodland follows an “ABC” specials schedule. Tuesday, September 4th will start with “A” day and continue from there.

  • 4th Grade students travel as a class together to specials. Their specials schedule is:

A-PE B-Music C-Art

  • 5th Grade students are split among the three regular 5th grade classes. Their specials schedule depends on the teacher they attend specials with. It may change during the year.

Phou: A-PE B-Music C-Art

(Margaret,Trevor, Katie)

Davison: A-Art B-PE C-Music

(Gabe and Brent)

McNaughton: A-Music B-Art C-PE

(Olivia and Danje)


We again have several students at Woodland that have a severe allergy to peanuts and/or tree nut product. Because of that, Woodland is a peanut and tree nut free school. Please understand that even touching a small amount of a product or accidental ingestion containing nuts could be a life-threatening situation. For these children, reactions can be immediate and life threatening. We are asking for your assistance in providing these students with a safe learning environment.

A no peanut or tree nut product policy means that there may not be any snacks or lunches that include contains any nut in the ingredients as well as anything that was made on shared machinery. It is OK to send snacks that say that they were made in the same facility as items containing nuts.

Birthday policy

If your child is interested in celebrating their birthday in school and you would like to send in something for the class, please do not send in food items. We suggest a small trinket, pencils, etc. instead. Thank you!

Wish List

For the student prize bin:
  • 5$ gift cards to subway, target, etc-I will raffle off 4 gift cards every month starting October-I just buy them if none are sent in

For the classroom/teacher:
  • Fiction and non-fiction Books for grade level 6-11 or lexile 800-1200 content appropriate
  • bean bag chairs
  • seat cushions


  • Don't forget to also check out the Woodland Website! It has important forms, Principal newsletters, PTO information, and P.B.I.S information.

Contact me

If you need a quick response, use text messaging. If you need a response within 24 hours, use the email provided below :)