Crooked River Elementary School

November/December 2016 Newsletter

Digital Citizenship Certification

To celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, while visiting the media center, CRES second, third and fourth graders are learning about being good “Digital Citizens” while using technology with lessons from Common Sense Media. Students are learning how to be respectful and responsible while navigating the internet, as well as smart and safe. Topics include; what sort of information is private and should not be shared online, how to avoid being distracted by electronic devices, and how to handle a cyberbully,. Students who participated in the lessons in the media center took home parent letters with details about the lessons.

In addition, for the second year in a row, our school is applying to be a Digital Citizenship Certified School, through the Common Sense Media website. The Common Sense Media website has a wealth of helpful information for parents to help reinforce with children how to be both safe and smart while online.

Accelerated Reader

It’s that time of year again! Two lucky girls and two lucky boys will be going home with new bikes on December 15th! And many more will be going home with gift cards!! Everytime a student passes an AR test they fill out an “I passed an AR test” ticket, and drop the ticket into a box in the media center. On Thursday, December 15th, the lucky winners will be pulled and announced on the morning new show. The more AR tests a student takes, the greater his/her chance of winning, so happy reading and good luck!

What's Happening in Kindergarten?

Kindergarten will be very busy during the month of December! This week we are learning about reindeer and caribou. Next week our theme is the Gingerbread Boy. We will read several different Gingerbread books and do activities that go along with this theme. Did you know there are several versions of the Gingerbread Boy? We will have enjoying many of them! The last week before the break our theme is Polar Express. We will have a Shoebox Parade and a class party on December 15th. We will also have a special Polar Express day planned and students will get to wear pajamas to school! Check your child’s folder for more information about these events.

Fabulous First Graders

First graders have discovered just how fun learning can be! In November, students dissected owl pellets, and used a chart to match the bones that were found to the common owl's prey. Students then wrote about owls, and created an owl craft. In math, students used dominos to make a connection between addition and subtraction.

We are looking forward to December! We will begin a Social Studies/ELA unit on holidays that are celebrated around the world. Students will receive a passport and suitcase to store the evidence of their learning, as we make stops on our 7 continents! Each year, students enjoy learning about the traditions and customs of different countries.

2nd Grade Happenings

In second grade Language Arts we have been working on reading a story and answering questions using text evidence. We read Turk and Runt before Thanksgiving and we will be reading A Ghost Tale at Christmas Time before winter break. In social studies we learned about people in history who were important to the state of Georgia. In math we are working on addition and subtraction word problems with regrouping and recognizing and counting money by value. There will be no more spelling words until January!

Terrific Third Graders

We are well into the third grade curriculum! We began the year with magnets and heat for science. We are now working on rocks, minerals, and soils. The students explored different types of rocks with experiments using ice cream, Rice Krispy bars, and Starbursts. They will dive into more experiments on weathering, erosion and soils using Gobstoppers and LEGOS! The students are very excited when we do the experiments and the learning is definitely sticking with them!

Before camping into Informational Reading, the third grade campers were able to dine in Mrs. Patterson’s Reading Café. Students sampled food items as they rotated to each table. At each table, students chose a book on his/her A.R. level and completed a section in a menu. In reading students have been hiking the Informational Reading Trail! We have been identifying text features and text structure. Both are critical elements that aid in reading comprehension.

Our third graders have been fascinated with learning about the lives of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony. Our students have been creating maps and timelines of these historical characters, as well as writing informational pieces, detailing how these famous American historical figures’ lives were alike and different, tying in reading, writing, and social studies currriculums!

In Math, students have been working on multiplication and division. They have approached these lessons with enthusiasm and excitement. They love demonstrating their knowledge of new facts and have been challenging their classmates to solve “hard “ ones. Students have been able to answer problems with dry erase markers on their desks. They love this and keep asking to do more work when it is presented in this manner.

Thankful for Fourth Grade!

4th graders have been busy! Our students have enjoyed learning about weather in science, Native American legends in reading, and fractions in math. Everyone is doing a great job! We have been learning about the 13 colonies in Social Studies. The students are currently working on a colony brochure complete with informational and opinion writing. Please look for emails for frequent updates on classroom events.

5th Grade News

We are still celebrating the arrival our new addition to the CRES family; Caleb Haynie!

Greetings Parents,

December is already here! We are very excited about the school year thus far. We sincerely thank you for your patience and support over the past months. Our students seem to be adjusting well to 5th grade and we look forward to making even more progress in the months to come. We believe in every child, as well as their parents! At Crooked River Elementary, be believe our school community matters!

As we continue to address student expectations, behavior, homework organization, and academic expectations of work, we encourage you to look for your child’s behavior log nightly. Please list any concerns or questions you may have on there and we will do our best to address them as necessary.

Notes from the teachers’ desks…

ELA/ Reading We will begin the month by focusing on narrative writing! We will discuss and look at examples of narrative pieces, practice writing narratives, and then be assessed on our narrative writing. Please continue to encourage your child to spend at least 30 minutes reading every night.

Science/Social Studies

In the weeks to come we will be discussing the constructive and destructive forces of Earth, while simultaneously covering The Changing Nation in social studies.

Math: In math, we will continue to cover multiplication with multi-digit numbers, decimals, and will include fractions in the weeks to come.

Classroom Wish List

Kleenex tissues/ wipes, paper towels, Expo markers, and glue sticks **Anything you give will be appreciated!

Things to remember:

-Class begins promptly at 7:40 a.m. Children arriving after 7:40 a.m. will be marked as tardy.

-CRES expectations: Students should always be respectful, be responsible, and be ready to learn!

-Please do not be a stranger to the classroom, as we welcome your presence and your support. We are looking forward to a wonderful year!


Mrs. Haynie-Reading/ ELA& Reading

Mrs. Watkins - Science/ Social Studies

Mrs. Young-Math

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Pajama Drive-

12/1 Pajama Drive begins

12/5th-9th – Holiday Shop 8:00 AM- 1:15PM

12/ 8 – Parent Teacher Team Meeting -5th grade 4:00 -5:00 PM (Please come!)

12/15 - Terrific Kids (Grades 3-5)

12/16 - Christmas Holidays begin

1/4 - School resumes for students

Health Notes

In the last newsletter we talked a bit about flu. This month the topic will be strep throat and its sister disease Scarlet fever, a frequent and common visitor during this time of year.

Strep throat, caused by the Group A bacteria, is the sudden onset of sore throat, headache, fever, and sometimes stomach ache and vomiting. Scarlet fever, caused by the same bacteria, presents as a fine red rash with blanching on pressure. The rash is usually on the neck, chest, and beneath the arms. The tongue may be coated white which then disappears to show a red “strawberry tongue”.

Both of these conditions can be treated with antibiotic therapy when diagnosed. If your child develops any of these symptoms, please check with your doctor. A throat culture is the only way to accurately diagnose a sore throat that is caused by the strep bacteria.

If diagnosed your child should stay home from school until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment has been taken or at the direction of your doctor.

Prevention: As always, thorough and effective hand washing, quick recognition of symptoms and treatment will help stop of the spread of any infectious disease.

Questions? Please call our school nurse, Susan McDaniel at 673-6996.

What's Happening in P.E.?

All is well in the PE world! Students in all grades have just wrapped up a soccer unit where they were exposed to the basic elements of soccer; passing, trapping, kicking, punting, throw ins, scoring, and goal tending. This is always an exciting unit for the students because many of them play soccer on the base or out in town. however, it’s usually a stressful unit for me because it’s the one sport that I never played growing up.

As I stated last year, the kids seem shocked when I tell them that there were no soccer leagues or anything in this area when I was growing up and I don’t even recall ever being taught soccer in school. Soccer is such a popular sport across the globe, yet it is still in its infantile state in this area. Of course, since I never played soccer, I often times have to ask my “soccer stars” to demonstrate some of the elements as they are better than I am.

Before the Thanksgiving break, we began our basketball unit. The students worked on dribbling skills and learned the bounce and chest pass. They completed dribble and passes in a static (stationary) setting and a dynamic setting where there were moving and passing at the same time.

During December we will continue with basketball, moving them into the proper way to shoot the ball. We have some much smaller goals for the younger students to shoot on and our indoor goals are adjustable so we can lower/raise the goals according to student’s ability levels. We will conclude with the 3rd-5th grade students participating in our annual crab soccer tournament just become the Christmas break.

During crab soccer, we will have the entire grade level in the gym so the classes can compete against each other. We use tape to mark off a large circle in the center of the gym and place cones at equal distances apart to divide teams. Students will be given numbers and when their number is called they must crab walk to the middle and try to score on one of the other teams by kicking one or both of the two lightweight, oversized soccer balls over or through the other teams. The tournament will last several days and the team that allows the fewest points is declared the winner. This is always a fun time for the students….they love crab soccer!

Also, I try to give each class a team name, which I usually have in place by now, but I’m still working on that. Maybe I will take a class vote or just let the classes decide on their own. Either way, crab soccer is always a blast!

In Health,

Coach English

Counselor Tips from Mrs. Graw

Finding Time for Family Time:

Today’s families are busier than ever and life can get even more hectic during the holidays. One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is your time. A strong family life provides the foundation for your child’s self-esteem, happiness, achievements and outlook for the future.

How can you make "together time" possible for your family? Here are several ideas:

Make a Commitment: Decide together as a family how you'll spend your time together Examples: cooking together as a family, evening reading together, take a walk together, or family game night.

Mark everyone's schedule on a calendar: Mark all family members’ activities, events, and appointments. Include family time on the calendar. You will be more apt to take this time seriously if you plan ahead.

Cut back on Activities: Help everyone pare down busy schedules. Saying no to activities that make you feel rushed or stressed or that interfere with family time.

Cherish your time together: Children grow up much too quickly! Our November monthly classroom guidance lessons focused on the character trait of “Honor”. Honor is letting someone know how you see how valuable they really are. Students wrote letters to our soldiers that are deployed overseas to thank them for their service.

The December classroom guidance lessons will focus on the monthly character trait of “Joy”. Joy is finding a way to be happy even when things do not go your way. We will read the book “ Silver Packages” This is the story of a boy who waits each year for the train for a gift, but each and every year he receives a gift that he needs - socks, gloves, scarf, and a hat. As he grows up he realizes that, although he was disappointed each year that he didn't receive the toy that he wanted, he did receive exactly what he needed to protect him from the winter's cold. Students will create their silver package to give to someone that helps them to find their joy.