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arctic wolf

3 places where arctic wolves live and 5 facts about Canada

Montebello, Quebec, and Canada

1. Canada tries to protect the wildlife in the forests

2. Canada's lakes and rivers is only about 20% of the fresh water in the whole world

3. many species like wolves and some others have been over hunted or fished

4. Canada is the second largest country in the entire world

5. Canada has blackish-blue lakes and rivers

5 reasons why arctic wolfs are becoming exextinct

reason 1. The arctic wolves are being over hunted

reason 2. A lot of hunters want its pelt

reason 3. Hunters began to kill to many arctic wolves and animals

reason 4. The arctic wolves pray is dying out because of the climate changes

reason 5. The arctic wolfs endangerment is because of global warming

reasnable soulution

we could stop global warming and hunting the arctic wolfs.