Ready to live a passionate life?

It's about learning how to love your life.....

If you are ready to take a new kind of plunge into living and sustaining your passion along your own unique and exciting journey, you can find out more about our upcoming four day Passion Test Facilitator Certification Course. It’s about learning how to love your life, navigate toward more and more of what your ideal life can be. No more paddling upstream or getting swept away.

Come join us in one of America’s most majestically beautiful, historic and art filled little cities, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Why not combine a personally and professionally rich experience with an exploration of the treasures of the Land of Enchantment as New Mexico is called. And it is!

Here’s to your most passionate life,

With love and appreciation

Passion Test Facilitator Certification

Thursday, June 2nd, 8:30am to Sunday, June 5th, 6pm

100 Sandoval Street

Santa Fe, NM

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