By: Veronica Roth


the setting is in the future which makes it very different . Lots of high building and business buildings. This as a lot of effect on the novel because she gets over her fears by going up a ladder on the side of an old abandoned ferris wheel and zip-lining of the side of tall buildings .If this was in a different location the book would be totally different


the theme of this story is love is stronger than one hundred men because t the end it shows Tris's love for Four is stronger than all of the people over powering them and i think that that is a great theme for a story .



Conflict and Plot

the conflict is man vs. man because people are fighting about divergents being killed and all the faction less people. They want to kill all the divergents because they thought that they were dangerous for the society .

Book Recommendation

i recommend this book because it really cought my eye just by the name then i read the summary on the back and it really pulled me in. I was interested the whole novel and i found it amazing and the theme is a great lesson. If I had to rate this 1-10 I would give it a nine because it is so good at keeping my interest . This is a book for boys and girls because there is action and love and it as so good . i hope that this book does good and lots of people read it .Please read this book it is such a good book and i think you will enjoy it