"One for the Record Books"

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Let's make 2014-2015 "One for the Record Books"

Sharing information and educational tools through a bi-monthly smore flyer is one of my 2014-2015 goals. I'll be focusing on a couple of apps, websites, events, and sharing a little "behind the scenes information" about our fabulous librarians, teachers, students, parent volunteers, or administrators!

Travel through history

Great books take you places! They transport you through time, location, and characters.

Mark Twain penned the idea, "Truth is stranger than fiction." As my family traveled this summer, it reconnected me to great books that I've read or that my daughter has enjoyed.

I'll pass these along to you and your students.

McAllen Public Library Book Festival

Saturday, Nov. 8th, 10am

4001 N 23rd St

McAllen, TX

Historias de la Vida South Texas Literacy Coalition Gala

Saturday, Oct. 11th, 7pm

3012 S Jackson Rd

McAllen, TX

Sunny D 20=20 Books for the Classroom