Cameron Sheeks

Who, What, When, Where, Why's

On September 11 of 2001, there we're 4 terrorist attacks on America. These four attacks we're all suicide bombings that used airplanes as bombs. The terrorist group, Al- Qaeda, was behind these attacks with there leader Osama bin Laden. Two planes flew into each of the Twin Towers in New York City, one plane into the Pentagon, and the last in a field in Pennsylvania. These attacks were made on America because of our soldiers interfering in the Middle East, and because of our different culture and beliefs.
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Perspective of U.S. News

The perspective of the news as it was happening was very confused and worried. As the day went along more information was gathered about who was behind these events. Their perspective was strictly that Al- Qaeda was the terrorist group behind these attacks.

Perspective of Conspirators

One perspective that conspirators have is that the Bush group in the White House we're partly behind the attacks. They believe that the whole thing was set up to help start and fund the war against the Middle East. A big part of this event that conspirators focus is on is the collapse of the World Trade Center tower, which is next to the Twin Towers, which wasn't hit.

Media Bias

The media biased the event of 9/11 by creating a bad image of the terrorist and Bin Laden who did the crime. They put up a huge wall in between the Middle East and America, and influenced the public to hate those countries and people in them. This fueled the support for American troops going to Iraq, and also fueled the search for Osama bin Laden, who went into hiding after 9/11.

Marxism Criticism

In a way, this war and attack is about power and control. Al-Qaeda and their Islamic extremist beliefs didn't agree with having Americans in their country, and didn't agree with our culture.

Cultural Criticism

The bombers that took place in the attack performed a technique that is unpopular in the American culture. In our culture, people usually don't blow themselves up for a cause, they would usually use a weapon such as a gun, or bombs. This difference in technique and ways of attacking shows a difference in culture.
Live TV Footage of 9/11 (Second Plane hit, Collapse of Towers) World Trade Center Coverage