My Alloy: Rose Gold

Hannah Jennings

Background on Rose Gold

18K of the alloy Rose Gold contains 75% of Gold, 22.25% of Copper, and 2.75% Silver. Originally known as Russian Gold, Rose Gold became fashionable in the 19th century. The pink-hued gold was first introduced to the public by Cartier and soon took over the jewelry industry by storm. The copper in the metal gives it the pink color which made the jewelry so unique. The price of Rose Gold ranges along the same lines as gold. The price depends on the amount of gold present in the metal. Some physical characteristics include the pink-hue, the shininess, and smooth surface. Some chemical properties are the fact that Rose Gold tarnishes, rusts, and oxidizes causing your skin to turn green after wearing for a long time. This alloy is used to make a wider variety of gold jewelry in a unique color. However, another additional fact about Rose Gold is polishing and shining the metal will cause the gold to use its pink-hue therefore the jewelry has to be kept in great condition in order to avoid polishing it often.
M.K. Rose Gold Wedding Set