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April 11-15, 2016

Don't Forget...

March 25th - April 15th ~

April 11th - 29th ~

  • Aramark Nutrition Poster Contest - Click here for more information

April 11th - 22nd ~

April 11th-15th ~

  • Tiger of the Week - Jake N.
  • ELA PSSA Testing for Grades 3 - 6 - Please limit absences and appointments for the mornings of Monday through Thursday!
April 13th ~
  • iRun4Life

April 15th ~

April 18th-20th ~

  • Math PSSA Testing for Grades 3 - 6 - Please limit absences and appointments for the mornings of Monday through Wednesday!
April 18th ~
  • Happy Birthday Keith C.!
  • Tiger of the Week - Andrew N.

April 19th ~

  • Home & School Association General Meeting - 7:00 PM
April 20th ~
April 22nd ~
  • School Holiday - Passover begins at Sundown
April 25th-26th ~
  • Tiger of the Week - Chetan P.
  • Science PSSA Testing Grade 4 - Please limit absences and appointments for the mornings of Monday and Tuesday!

April 26th ~

  • Happy Birthday Chetan P.!

We need empty water bottles for Earth Day!

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Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

We are currently in 2nd place overall for the year... so keep on clippin'!

Don't forget to send in your Ziploc bag full of Box Tops by April 28, 2016.

School Supplies One-Stop Shopping

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and then Abra Cadabra - all of your child’s school supplies FOR NEXT YEAR are neatly packed and you can pick them up before the end of this school year? We are excited to announce that once again, Titus will be offering the convenient services of SchoolKidz, Inc. and their Teacher Tailored® back-to-school supply kit program.

Online ordering will begin on Wednesday, April 6th and end on Friday, April 22nd. All supply kits will be delivered before the last day of school so that your child(ren) will bring them home to get them ready for the first day of school.

A few quick things about this week...

No Read to Self Journals will be due until after PSSA testing! Take the time to read for enjoyment!


We are continuing to work on our informative research pieces about an interesting sea creature. Now that we have finished our research, we will begin to outline our essays and are working on our multi-genre project as well. Students are informing their readers through various genres about their sea creatures, and are currently working on "graffiti" and "Instagrams" about their sea creatures.

Ask me about: What are elements of informative research writing? How can you inform your readers about your sea creature in other genres?

What you can do: Ask your child to show you their graffiti or Instagram draft in their Writer's Notebooks and explain how each part relates to their sea creature.


We will be beginning Unit #10 - Reflections and Symmetry. Please be aware that students will have a Unit #10 test on THURSDAY, MAY 5TH. Students will not have Study Links to complete at home due to PSSA testing; however, study links will be completed in class.

Ask me about: What are reflections, rotations, and translations?

What you can do: Ask your child to create various patterns using reflections, rotations, and translations.

Social Studies - A Big Rig Tour of the Southwest

We are continuing our tour of the United States by taking a big rig tour of the Southwest region. Students will be visiting various cities on our tour, and will be creating a commercial or a stamp as a culminating activity for our tour in class.

Ask me about: What social scientists would be interested in the Southwest? What is a summary of what you learned about the Southwest?

What you can do: Ask your child to show you on Google Earth where they visited on their tour and to summarize their new learning.

We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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