Mrs. Brown's Poetry Page

Poems by Students in B4 English

Mrs. Brown's English classes studied the Romantic period of literature and wrote poems to reflect what they learned. This is a compilation of their work.
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The Lonely Road by Brady Bowling

The road looks lonely and long

Only my thoughts to fill time

I see mountains looming high up ahead

And all I can think is how hard they’ll be to climb

My mind wonders of these high cliffs and peaks

Somehow ill tackle them all alone

I compare them to my young life

And having to growup and learn on my own

The road on either side is hard and bare

At times I feel I may not make it

I doubt that I really have what it will take

And then I realize I juts cant quit

My mind tells me not to fear the future and unknown

To listen, learn, love, and live each day

I do want to keep pushing on

And I know I will, my way

The road ahead at times will be lonely and long

My journey at times not the best

I won't always have someone there

And yet won't let it stop my quest

On the edge. By Chase Harberson

Constantly testing the boundaries, the boundaries of optimism and curiosity.

Going to the ends of the earth to find out the answers to life's monstrosity.

To find yourself one must realize their purpose,

Exploring the creation of thought by staying above the surface.

The surface that keeps you from falling through,

The same one that admits it holds firm for you.

Why, to discover, what's really out there

To get as close as you can, your limits, they are not impaired.

The ground holds steady no matter how thin,

The only reason it shakes, is because its where others have been.

Closer, yet far from the end of it all,

It takes time to discover and increments are small.

You'll make it to the point where a rest is deserved

For the answers you found, the ones long preserved

Which comes to a conclusion, one of great joy and no strife,

That you’ve come to the edge

To find out your purposes and place in this life.

Sunset Boulevard. By Justin Torgerson

Bad days come and go,

Just like people come and go from your life

What you make of it tells a lot about you,

What people these days don't realize

Is that just because you have a bad day

Doesn’t mean that you have a bad life

You must not confuse these with each other,

Most people do not truly realize how blessed they are.

Sunsets are so beautiful in their entirety,

You notice that no matter what happens to you

That the sun will still rise the next day,

And life will go on

So do not stress what happens to you

Because your problems are small

Compared to the problems in the world

So just take a deep breath, and enjoy the sunset.

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By Andrew Kauffman

The lava is hot

The lava is red

My life is hot

My life is dead

Lava is full of life

When the night comes

It shines bright

Unlike the future of bums

If the lava wasn't hot,

There would be no pain,

And I could not

Have any gain

When the world ends one day,

And the lava burns no more,

I wont be there to say

Its hot, anymore.

Wilted Flowers by Kayla Lucas

Even the purest of things die in this place

Sterile sheets and iron clad bars

Dull walls bleached white to hide the stains of time

Uniformity Interrupted only by wilted flowers

Their sweet perfume

Drowned by the chemical assassin

Punished for nonconformity

They keep me here and preach normality

They chain me and proclaim

"This is my sanctuary"

But I know better

There are no restraints in Eden

This is a prison for the mad

But we only want to be free

We want to leave behind

This monochrome safe haven for monotony

We want to find freedom

And create our own normality

In the world of the living

Surrounded by color, not walls

With room to grown like wildflowers

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Rapids By Madeline Roution

Life can be rough

Just like the rapids

Sometimes you feel like you're not good enough

But life happens

You have to face what's in front of you

If you just go with the flow

You can make it through

I don’t have to guess, I already know

Everyone has these moments

Everyone has these days

If you don’t keep moving foreword

You may get lost along the way

So just try to stay calm

Try not to be rocky

Live every day to the fullest

And no one can stop you

The Ocean of Colors By Garrett Cager

The ocean of colors never sleeps

It reflects over itself like a mirror

Always churning and moving

It is endlessly deep

The ocean of colors never sleeps

The ocean of color doesn’t stay warm

When night comes it stays black and cold

Still full of life

But slowly draining until a new storm

The ocean of color doesn’t stay warm

The ocean of color can't stay quiet

It is loud like an airplane

Roaring and crashing into itself

Trying to undue its wrathful spirit

The ocean of color can't stay quiet

The ocean of color does not fit in

It is surrounded by a foreign dry land

Never able to fix what it is

But always trying to change within

The ocean of color does not fit in

The ocean of colors never sleeps

The ocean of color doesn’t stay warm

The ocean of color can't stay quiet

The ocean of color does not fit in

The ocean of color is like me

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By Keyton Kinley

Sometimes the end of the tunnel isn't always light

All you see is trees, darkness, and fog, but not the end.

You cant see the end of the woods, just like you can't see the future.

The wind is whistling, crickets are chirping, all you hear is your heart beating faster than normal.

Of course, life is clearer right now, we are living in it.

Its okay to be scared of the future, no one knows what it holds.

I want to go home now, its really cold.

All you feel is damp, sharp branches and the smell of wet dog in this huge forest.
There's just some things in life you must do by yourself.

This is one of them.

All it takes is a little leap of faith

God will take care of you, you are safe.

You might not always see the path in life, but go ahead and walk it.

Whether its hardships, death, or delight

You cannot be nervous, or dismayed

For I have commanded you, to find your own way.

Create your own future and control it how you want.

But first, you have to walk into the darkness, and know you will be okay,

You are strong and sound, you will walk in faith.

By Larah Relova

the wind gusts over the horizon
lightly sprinkling leaves onto grassy landscapes
like chocolate shavings on frosting,
caramel colored sunlight glazing around trees
in the rising hours of the day.
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Earth & Sky By Alexis Zapata

Over great distance these giants loom

Seemingly unattainable at our view.

Mountains of rock and stone that bloom

Higher, nearing the expanse of blue

That covers every soul near and far

And grants each child the dream to fly.

How could one wish on a fallen star

If it had never had a home in the sky?

To reach the heavens is not a small feat

For those not granted the gift of wings

And to feel on our backs the sun's heat

Is another one of those unimaginable things.

But perhaps, friends, what we need most today

Are the childhood fantasies we once pushed away

As we grew older, matured, and lost the belief

That we can do anything if we continue to reach.

By Branden Layne

Red and blue cloud flying high in the sky

Watching as they slowly pass by

Thinking my oh my

How life has flown by

Reminiscing the past

Wishing I could take some actions back

But trying to make the memories last

Wondering where is the happiness I lack

If you look into water you see you

A reflection of who you are

People remember the actions you do

Saying if it fits, put on the shoe

Attitudes reflect off others

But how you act you learn from your mother

She tells you how good you must treat one another

But you must, out of all, make sure you love her

Your mother, the on who loved you

Scar on the Earth By Autumn Barnett

Love is destruction-

covering all in its path.

Every emotion, every thought

every feeling ever had.

Love is vast and varied-

hard to understand.

But something new will sprout in this desolate land,

something redeeming will come

from this destruction hard to comprehend.

Love is persistent-

a hot flowing wave.

The solid black stone merely,

memory's grave.

Love is beautiful,

in the way only destruction can be.

Because to be burned down is to be set free.

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Trapped By Jared Trejo

Tall walls on each of two sides

With cold water to the ankle

And only one way that guides

The restriction makes one rankle

There are many little trotters

That echo throughout the waters

Amidst the darkness there is a light

A light so ,so bright

In that light there is hope

A hope to escape the binding rope

In the light there are endless possibilities

To fit all necessities

To reach the light is simple

Just follow the ripple

Going forward is the one and only key

To becoming free

By Ronni Trisko

The Suns Ray penetrates a hole so deep,

A distant tunnel my only door.

To once again taste the air so sweet,

An appetite to invade my every pore.

My lungs they tighten with no capacity,

While the pressure in my skull finds no rest.

Life surrounds me with murky dignity,

While my endurance takes its finest test.

My heartbeat is a lonely sound,

As it keeps rhythm with the swaying tide.

As my soul searches for safer ground,

Elements of time are not on my side.

Slender bodies circle high above,

As to signal me a prayer of hope.

An ounce of energy and a shove,

Hails victory through the narrow scope.

Haunting Memories By Claire McDermott

Breaking the surface

Currents close to gaining a defeat

Green waters glistening

like jewels overflowing

Warm wood pressed

upon the soles of my feet

from a lengthy boardwalk

as I listen to seagulls talk

Yet I have goosebumps

Even after arriving my suite

I can still feel the pulling currents

The shower pounding hot bullets

Memories haunting

Fish coming in a fleet

swarming in my mind

Physically fine but mentally blind

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The Blossoms of youth By Ken Holbrook

Mt. Fuji, mother of a youthful land, forever watching it change

Viewing its children as they roam her range

She sees all that occurs across its slopes, throughout her fields

Protecting youth as a mighty shield

The seasons pass and youth fades from view, leave Mt. Fuji's view

Saddened by loss, she sleeps, waiting for youth to return

As spring comes around she begins to receive gifts of dew

She begins to noticed what she has yearned

The trees begin to blossom, youth starts to sprout

Ready for another bout

Small and fragile, needing care

Waiting for a dare

A dare to express themselves for al to see

Waiting for the key

When fall comes around all is ready, they open up to the world saying "Look at me!"

The mountain awakens, no longer alone.

The memories within By Dezmon Black

Family, it`s what keeps everyone together

Like the trees it will protect you while you under their shelter

When they pass they become an ancestor, a lost memory

Becoming the trunk of a tree literally

Sliding beneath the surface surely you can see

That what you remember is not totally what it seems

Laying at the bottom, with no base to keep your top up

No matter how hard you reach you will never be brought up

Back to the land, where all the other trees stand

But for them it will be hard to live with a lost friend

They get lost in the past, with the good times we had

One day your specific look suddenly becomes vague

Each time the long nights turns to day

Even underneath all of the water your image is clear

For all of the other fellow trees this a fear

When they meet their fallen trees everything will be clear

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